I play video games too much. I might not be the best, but I do have hot elbows.

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First Meeting [Dream SMP]

First Meeting [Dream SMP]

I Ruined Skeppy’s Video

I Ruined Skeppy’s Video

Skyblock: Potato War 2

Skyblock: Potato War 2


  • Tory Windsear
    Tory Windsear23 jam yang lalu

    Technos new Hypixel nickname should be Potato God.

  • Manosnap YT
    Manosnap YT23 jam yang lalu

    watching 12 min. to see this elbow was worth it

  • Sam Guckian
    Sam Guckian23 jam yang lalu

    Chaotic Neutral

  • mybluepickles
    mybluepickles23 jam yang lalu

    5:23 Top ten most brutal anime fights

  • Beast Kid
    Beast Kid23 jam yang lalu

    How to download this texture pack????

  • Heitor Previtalli
    Heitor Previtalli23 jam yang lalu

    0:17 Did I heard "Dream"?!?

  • H83VA ZØNE
    H83VA ZØNE23 jam yang lalu

    Why the hell am i gettin recommended this in may 14th 20201.😐

  • Antriksh Chauhan
    Antriksh Chauhan23 jam yang lalu

    Long time no see pal

  • ProHexXx
    ProHexXx23 jam yang lalu

    Nestor sounds really funny

  • Kyan Lacson
    Kyan LacsonHari Yang lalu

    hey technoblade can you 1v1 albypro 😁

    HALIL AKPINARHari Yang lalu

    this guy sounds like someone technoblade would bully

  • XaviertheBlader
    XaviertheBladerHari Yang lalu


  • iGoNorth :D
    iGoNorth :DHari Yang lalu

    Wow techno your so bad at skyward smh

  • N3uron3x C.O.C
    N3uron3x C.O.CHari Yang lalu


  • Yael Levi
    Yael LeviHari Yang lalu

    Jschlatt: * screams in panic after realizing Techno is good at Minecraft * Literally everyone else: TECHNOBLADE AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

  • villain deku
    villain dekuHari Yang lalu

    Technoblade,Dream and Purpled

  • Turn on Dark Mode
    Turn on Dark ModeHari Yang lalu

    And thus the technoplane was born

  • be careful {yt}
    be careful {yt}Hari Yang lalu

    you are me when i eat 20 pounds of candy XDD

  • Jimbo Perez
    Jimbo PerezHari Yang lalu

    YOULL NEV- hold on YOULL NEVER CATCH ME- wait lemme place this boat... HAHA YOULL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE*starts gliding*

  • imp
    impHari Yang lalu

    Irish laughter intensifies finale

  • Rohan Singh
    Rohan SinghHari Yang lalu

    Rare video of technoblade using a sword, technoblade exposed

  • Bashie
    BashieHari Yang lalu

    stop yelling

  • Dārta Katana
    Dārta KatanaHari Yang lalu

    why do you hate tommy so much?

  • ALWAYS Best Spacing
    ALWAYS Best SpacingHari Yang lalu

    The only gamer who is making history much interesting for nerds

  • sprinter2602
    sprinter2602Hari Yang lalu

    Aphmau: starts throwing snowballs at technoblade Technoblade: so you have chosen death

  • Santhamma Rajappan
    Santhamma RajappanHari Yang lalu

    Technoblade with his Knockout 100 fist

  • Allan Bayabos
    Allan BayabosHari Yang lalu

    Techno blade pls visits me pls do /visit cjthecool I want to give you a pice of good cheese my life will be complete

  • Shadiq Haziq
    Shadiq HaziqHari Yang lalu


  • Modern Random
    Modern RandomHari Yang lalu

    Happy birthday 4 years later

  • Emiloy da-almighty
    Emiloy da-almightyHari Yang lalu

    Pigs can fly

  • Dargo
    DargoHari Yang lalu

    i like how bedwars players changed in 3years

  • imp
    impHari Yang lalu

    Irish laughter intensifies part 2

  • imp
    impHari Yang lalu

    Irish laughter intensifies

  • Imogene Duvall
    Imogene DuvallHari Yang lalu

    The slippery pantyhose gergely want because objective systematically boast upon a woebegone stinger. concerned, temporary creek

  • sleepy neko
    sleepy nekoHari Yang lalu

    Uuuuhm techno are you dead or dedicated... I mean deadicated

  • Lord of Potato
    Lord of PotatoHari Yang lalu


  • Egor Emelyanov
    Egor EmelyanovHari Yang lalu

    Somebody plz count how many times he says 'potatoes' XD

    MEEGB R2DEEGSHari Yang lalu

    Same *sigh* old techno vids

  • technoboy
    technoboyHari Yang lalu

    as techno kept flyin down on peaple he should have said ac130

  • sub-zero 2
    sub-zero 2Hari Yang lalu

    i have to say these teams were very fare

  • Roycetheman
    RoycethemanHari Yang lalu


  • Audrey Stlouis
    Audrey StlouisHari Yang lalu

    The intelligent ophthalmologist genetically copy because anthony briefly flap for a proud tub. cumbersome, unknown success

  • J Playz vr
    J Playz vrHari Yang lalu

    When Dream posts:hype! When techno post:OMG HYPE HYPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ExpertAxe
    ExpertAxeHari Yang lalu

    SunbearMC: you're teamed with a youtuber with 54 subs technoblade with 181k subs:

  • Totally Skill
    Totally SkillHari Yang lalu

    NGL crafting the crafting table was literally just PAIN

  • Ki'Mare Huggins
    Ki'Mare HugginsHari Yang lalu

    good thumb nail

  • Dominic Rob Roy Llagas
    Dominic Rob Roy LlagasHari Yang lalu

    hmmmm hm hm HA

  • Audrey Stlouis
    Audrey StlouisHari Yang lalu

    The ancient camp additonally talk because step-daughter posteriorly annoy around a orange chef. crooked, brief locket

  • W is for Winner
    W is for WinnerHari Yang lalu

    but fr that air strike thing was sick

  • jumong gaming
    jumong gamingHari Yang lalu

    The title was 100 people try to kill them but they are the 2 peoples kills 100 peoples

  • Audrey Stlouis
    Audrey StlouisHari Yang lalu

    The happy bracket controversly answer because america utrastructurally trouble besides a satisfying backbone. bumpy, unused effect

  • dewking
    dewkingHari Yang lalu

    happy b day techno

  • Skylar Amos
    Skylar AmosHari Yang lalu

    dream is better

    PERS0NIFIEDHari Yang lalu

    Stan alert

  • sleepy neko
    sleepy nekoHari Yang lalu

    Dream is a little green poo

  • Ysabela Querubin
    Ysabela QuerubinHari Yang lalu

    IDmilk: Technoblade we know you don't do it for the rewards Technoblade:Shut up i do it for the rewards that one made me laugh so hard😂😂😂

  • GamingAndTechWithAadi
    GamingAndTechWithAadiHari Yang lalu

    these orphans are getting destroyed omg

  • Jenny Lewis
    Jenny LewisHari Yang lalu

    im feeling the " i don't take knockback" now

  • pumpkin gamer
    pumpkin gamerHari Yang lalu

    So close techno yet so far

  • Tory Windsear
    Tory WindsearHari Yang lalu

    Techno. Never. Dies.

  • Kairos Marinas
    Kairos MarinasHari Yang lalu

    Wow you got to play with nestor

  • raditya Abimanyu
    raditya AbimanyuHari Yang lalu

    Uhh is this a real voice reveal?????

  • Clint Diente
    Clint DienteHari Yang lalu

    He talks in his video

  • Popeye
    PopeyeHari Yang lalu

    I'm new hi

  • JuanCool_Gamer69xxx
    JuanCool_Gamer69xxxHari Yang lalu

    i live in my own world of make belief. kids screaming inn their cradles profanities. cross out the ones who heard my cries and watched me weep. i love everything. fire's spreading all around my room. the world's so bright, its hard to breathe, but that's alreight

  • Baconegg35
    Baconegg35Hari Yang lalu

    tommy: i upload every week Dream: i upload every month Technoblade: you guys are uploading?!

  • Michael Diribe
    Michael DiribeHari Yang lalu

    Techno has the biggest brain ever,bigger then dream

  • Yael Levi
    Yael LeviHari Yang lalu

    Techno: I'm afk. Also Techno: typing and jumping using keyboard.

  • Spanger
    SpangerHari Yang lalu

    Techno play dbd plz senpai

  • Zeus Pack
    Zeus PackHari Yang lalu

    why did it say 700 some clicks, I saw him click like 16 times in like 30 seconds

  • CanofLies
    CanofLiesHari Yang lalu

    Because he's using a auto clicker, do you not understand the joke?

  • Non Thanant_roblox
    Non Thanant_robloxHari Yang lalu

    It’s 2021 people still watch

  • Specter
    SpecterHari Yang lalu

    So Gamerboy80 didn't talk back then or what?

  • Non Thanant_roblox
    Non Thanant_robloxHari Yang lalu


  • Specter
    SpecterHari Yang lalu


  • Janssenboyz
    JanssenboyzHari Yang lalu

    uh there are 15 seconds

  • llcgaming yt 2004
    llcgaming yt 2004Hari Yang lalu

    "I play video games too much. I might not be the best, but I do have hot elbows."-technoblade the potato king (he is not wrong)