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Wenn ihr mehr über das Fliegen erfahren möchtet, seid ihr hier genau richtig !!!
Mit meinen Videos möchte ich Euch einen besseren Einblick verschaffen in die Welt des Fliegens !!!
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  • Don Anator
    Don Anator14 jam yang lalu

    Great video. Never knew that. Wish I could see a picture of the person or persons we should be indebted to for creating such technology.

  • offbeatrobotics
    offbeatrobotics14 jam yang lalu

    Yeah, in the real world the plane will always take off, let me explain. First, let's make some assumptions outside of the riddle, for a WORST case scenario to try an prevent the plane from taking off. 1. In this real world test we've fitted some special solid metal tires, like on the fastest land speed record setting vehicles, so no practical speed limit there. 2. We're making the conveyor belt out of some monstrously strong material to be able to handle the forces involved, and we'll allow the runway conveyor to go up to the speed of sound! Ok so, let's go back to Issac Newton's third law, every action has a equal and opposite reaction, so the force applied to stop a plane from moving forward has to be equal to the thrust at takeoff. So in this scenario where would that force come from? the friction of the wheels and wheel bearings, as in the drag of the rolling system on the conveyor. So the wheel friction has to be higher than the thrust of a 747 at takeoff. It's pretty easy to see that even allowing the conveyor to go the speed of sound, which would be a miracle of engineering, the drag would be smaller than the thrust force of the jet. Now I guess in some hypothetical realm where the conveyor could have supernatural properties of infinite speed, but somehow the wheels still had friction then yeah the plane wouln't take off, but that's pretty picky on conditions for a thought experiment.

  • Jason Cummings
    Jason Cummings14 jam yang lalu

    I'm just going to pretend I understood everything he said.

  • SlavkoRybak
    SlavkoRybak15 jam yang lalu

    Very interesting, thanks.

  • Echø Miles
    Echø Miles15 jam yang lalu

    The reason he rotated so late is because "Russia pays for whole runway russians use who runway 😂😂😂"

  • Tuddec
    Tuddec15 jam yang lalu

    Why can't you use 100% thrust with the reversers?

  • Jai Vasani
    Jai Vasani16 jam yang lalu

    Beautiful plane but once you see those bicycle handles in the cockpit, you can’t unsee them

  • berry sotam
    berry sotam16 jam yang lalu

    My auntie was in the airplane trying to go to Hawaii but their engine broke

  • Jack Amos
    Jack Amos16 jam yang lalu


  • Peter Edin
    Peter Edin16 jam yang lalu

    I thought all engines had to contain failures like this before certification.

  • Jody Palmer
    Jody Palmer16 jam yang lalu

    Geoengineering, chem clouds, poison being dropped on us. Isn't it amazing how Bill kill them all Gates owns most of the farmland and guess what's happening to our farms because of chem clouds? Yep we won't be able to produce crops but guess who is manufacturing seeds that can grow in aluminum? Gates and all his evil buddies. But Its just coincidence that the chemicals being dropped on us has aluminum in them. Isn't it funny that most conspiracy theories come true?

  • siouxperb5570
    siouxperb557015 jam yang lalu

    Let's just skip the first few lies that you stated for a moment, but we can come back to them later. I just want to focus on the quote below: "Isn't it funny that most conspiracy theories come true?" Name one.

  • Dragan Crnogorac
    Dragan Crnogorac17 jam yang lalu

    Few germs didn't kill anyone... Healthy one. Keep those things in hospital

  • Ray O'Dell
    Ray O'Dell17 jam yang lalu

    Good job they don't have to push a plane forward to get it started !😅✈️😂🤣

  • Maxwell Wynne-Shepherd
    Maxwell Wynne-Shepherd17 jam yang lalu

    I would definitely be able to land. IM A PILOT FOR AN A320!!!

  • Eric Pham
    Eric Pham18 jam yang lalu

    Fly crew security detail is good money p

  • Cobby Ware
    Cobby Ware18 jam yang lalu

    Their answer to “have you ever seen the edge of the world?” Was reaallll sus

  • Trevor Newton
    Trevor Newton18 jam yang lalu

    My best advice to you don’t be a white male

  • luuk van heiningen
    luuk van heiningen18 jam yang lalu

    The shot at 2:54 is straight up terrifying. like imagine seeing that fucking UNIT in your rear view mirror spitting out hot jet streams coming straight for you

  • Lunar Lone Wolf
    Lunar Lone Wolf19 jam yang lalu

    Can you still make a go-around when the aircrafts spoilers engage?

  • Mister Nobody
    Mister Nobody20 jam yang lalu

    The other reason they won't allow them to fly is the government don't want still very capable nuclear bombers in civilian hands :D

  • 멍멍콩이
    멍멍콩이20 jam yang lalu

    Do you need a separate type rating for A320 and A320 Neo?

  • Aviator Henry
    Aviator Henry20 jam yang lalu


  • Clay Johanson
    Clay Johanson20 jam yang lalu

    The explanation provided in this video is needlessly complicated. A plane does not take off because of the speed of its wheels. It takes off because of the speed of the air over and under the wing. USUALLY these are the same thing during takeoff, but not in this case. If the plane is not moving relative to the surrounding air, then there is no lift and the plane will not take off.

  • mrbearbear83
    mrbearbear8321 jam yang lalu

    Captain Joe: no sarcastic comments unless you think you can land the plane Me: grabs controls and proceeds to slam plane nose first into the ground. Success.

  • Krishna Sharma
    Krishna Sharma21 jam yang lalu

    Joe is this system and ABS are almost same ? And approximately wat distance this system would take to stop the aircraft completely , and how it will apply for shorter run way

  • Dedalo Marchetti
    Dedalo Marchetti21 jam yang lalu

    I was convinced that was mainly in intercontinental routes with China (and Europe), as in China the tomato jouse is commonly sold in supermarket... And I have very few experience in other routes... Very interesting explanation! Thank you Captain Joe!

  • Fadi Salah
    Fadi Salah21 jam yang lalu

    Pleaz we need know about simuloter and can i fly if i have more information in fly proces by simuloter like p3d xplane 11 and msfs2020 thank you?

  • ShortzYT Transit & Gaming
    ShortzYT Transit & Gaming21 jam yang lalu

    3:35 Stick Shaker?

  • grovermatic
    grovermatic21 jam yang lalu

    Ah yes, the classic _"Entry level intern position: 10-15 years experience required"_ chestnut. 😡

  • Einar K.
    Einar K.21 jam yang lalu

    I´m gonna try out that automatic-ground spoiler-thing. Spent thousands of hours on Flightsims (with and without a Co-Pilot) and now´s the first time I hear about it. Could I ask you to spend some words about Airbus-Planes? I think that the sidestick in these cockpits are for minimal corrections (meaning they might not be recommend to pilot the plane on long-distance Flights) and the human pilot is more of a Sys-Admin in these planes? No, i don´t think that systemadministrators could replace actual pilots and I´m posting this question due to a bad example of a pilot who ended up being disappointed by the fact the he was pushing buttons rather than really flying and "feeling" his plane but then and there, this guy had, of course, a lot of other serious issues too.

  • Nakul K Mohan
    Nakul K Mohan21 jam yang lalu

    this is like telling you to run 3km on a road to get to a destination and putting you on a treadmill to do it

  • Travis Scott
    Travis Scott22 jam yang lalu


  • Charlie Irvin
    Charlie Irvin22 jam yang lalu

    My Favorite sign I Rudolf the red nose Reindeer lol Just humor

  • Daily dose Of aviation
    Daily dose Of aviation23 jam yang lalu

    I am cessna 172 pilot i use vor and ils almost every flight. But sometimes i fly VFR around my local airport.

  • Daily dose Of aviation
    Daily dose Of aviation23 jam yang lalu

    What he is trying say with 55 kilos???

  • Daily dose Of aviation
    Daily dose Of aviation23 jam yang lalu

    Boeing is better

  • Paul Sarjeant
    Paul SarjeantHari Yang lalu

    No. The plane will *always* take off, no matter what you do with the conveyor: frontwards or backwards at any speed, it will just spin the wheels. *And* the wheels will *always* match the speed of the conveyor belt unless they are slipping. The plane will take off because of it's airspeed: it's movement relative to the surrounding air. Watch the Mythbusters episode for best explanation:

  • Elf Gaming
    Elf GamingHari Yang lalu

    pilot alexander: airbus is much better than boeing 747 results: SAME 747 and A380



  • Priyatam Kumar
    Priyatam KumarHari Yang lalu

    we want a video like "survive the cash".....joe tell us how to deal with engine failure in landing,takeoff,cruising,descent, or what to do when flight get depressurize......everybody please tell joe to teach us.....haha

  • wally metrich
    wally metrichHari Yang lalu

    Thank you so much, your videos are awesome.

  • sker original
    sker originalHari Yang lalu

  • siouxperb5570
    siouxperb557015 jam yang lalu

    I challenge you to cite where in that video Rosalind Peterson speaks of 'chemtrails' as the video claims she does. Good luck.

  • Curious Cat
    Curious Cat17 jam yang lalu

    Rosalind Paterson is talking about industrial pollution making some illiterate comments about studies of air current on the way. Relevance to chemtrails, please?

  • mrbearbear83
    mrbearbear83Hari Yang lalu

    Captain Joe, do you have any videos about human factors and debrief training. I know they are off topic for your videos but I know airline pilots do a lot of this type of training.

  • ابو احمد النجعي
    ابو احمد النجعيHari Yang lalu

    A useful channel. I wish it was translated into Arabic so that the followers would benefit from you

  • Bradford999
    Bradford999Hari Yang lalu

    Captain Joe, with 3 bars! Lol

  • siouxperb5570
    siouxperb5570Hari Yang lalu

    Makes for an easier name than "First officer Joe" doesn't it?

  • Airline Klicks
    Airline KlicksHari Yang lalu

    In Hudson they had a well functioning apu which gave them the entire flight control surfaces the rat will only give u primary

  • Danny F
    Danny FHari Yang lalu

    I wont let my country turn off GPS over EU, I promise.

  • ss ll
    ss llHari Yang lalu

    So...... how? U mean the pilots bring their own lunch?

  • William Cox
    William CoxHari Yang lalu


  • hasanudin hasanudin
    hasanudin hasanudinHari Yang lalu

    Please subcetel indonesia

  • HerrMeyer
    HerrMeyerHari Yang lalu

    Wouldn't it nearly the same procedure as described with taking off from short runways? Reving up engines to full power with brakes engaged, then release brakes and accelerate as fast as possible to the point, where ground effect kicks in, then accelerate further hovering over the runway, and climb out.

    SHANKER VASUDEVANHari Yang lalu Explain this video of 777F hard landing.Please

  • Debtanay Mukherjee
    Debtanay MukherjeeHari Yang lalu

    Previously I was able to identify aeroplanes only by spotting the shape of the cockpit windows and the nose as the in case of Airbus and Boeing but I learned so many other key features for spotting other types of planes. Thanks to Captain Joe ....

  • Siru
    SiruHari Yang lalu

    Some planes leave a small tail that disappears in 1-2 minutes, just like the exhaled air on a cold day. And this is normal over 10 km. height. Other planes flying below because you can see the contours of the plane, leave trails all over the sky, stay all day, and turn into clouds. Different planes, different laws of physics?

  • Andrea M
    Andrea MHari Yang lalu

    @Siru Very welcome.

  • Siru
    SiruHari Yang lalu

    @Andrea M Thanks for the explanation :)

  • Andrea M
    Andrea MHari Yang lalu

    @Siru No, the visibility of the trail depends on two factors: air temperature and relative humidity. Relative humidity is the ratio between the amount of water vapor contained in a certain volume of air and the amount of vapor required for it to reach saturation, which means no more vapor can be contained and condensation occurs, which means visible moisture. Now, cold air can contain less water vapor that warm air, therefore you need to add a smaller amount of water to reach saturation, which is what you can see both in the trails and in clouds. The higher you fly, the lower the air temperature tends to be. The combustion of jet engines fuel produces mainly two molecules, CO2 and H20, aka water, which is added to the very cold air of high altitudes, allowing it to reach saturation and, consequently, condensation. If I am not mistaken, the ideal temperature for this to happen is around -32.6 °C, which, depending on atmospheric conditions, can be found at a higher or lower altitude. Sorry, I get triggered way too easily.

  • Siru
    SiruHari Yang lalu

    @Andrea M Respect for your knowledge. I am a total amateur. I just want to know. According to the physics manual, if they can be trusted, the tail of the plane begins to be visible from 10.5 km. height. Different meteo conditions, different tail, how does it work?

  • Andrea M
    Andrea MHari Yang lalu

    No, different atmospheric conditions.

  • RumarFile
    RumarFileHari Yang lalu

    Question Captain Joe, do you have to wear face masks while flying with your Captain?

  • mrbearbear83
    mrbearbear83Hari Yang lalu

    AOG? Abbreviation after engine bird strike

  • student Aviation
    student AviationHari Yang lalu

    very informative video sir #studentaviation

  • Preproto
    PreprotoHari Yang lalu

    Go inside the space shuttle!

  • Don'tSpikeMyDrink
    Don'tSpikeMyDrinkHari Yang lalu

    where is the chat with the former captain

  • Zain Ilham Japi Zin
    Zain Ilham Japi ZinHari Yang lalu

    I'd be interested to know the inner workings of this method. Because when I draw it out, the headings that define the entry sectors do not coincide with the numbers when using the thumb technique

  • coolcat6778
    coolcat6778Hari Yang lalu

    1:55 I thought I busted a speaker

  • Mighty 8th
    Mighty 8thHari Yang lalu

    Lol i had the same book

  • Siru
    SiruHari Yang lalu

    As for the laws of physics, all is well. How much of you know about military technology, plans, and tasks. The military aircraft can be equipped with any spray technology, it can even spray bricks and stones. And they don’t have to explain themselves to the public, they’re above it all. Looking at the trajectories of the planes, it seems that pilots often forget their wallets at airports and have to return, or strange geometric shapes in the sky due to the drawing of excess fuel :)

  • 3Dfy My World
    3Dfy My WorldHari Yang lalu

    You know the video is GOOD when your "Air Traffic Management" professor asks you to watch it. Thanks!!

  • Jsteel Spy
    Jsteel SpyHari Yang lalu

    I from holland love the duch fail with the douche. 🤣🤣

  • Ahmed bazerbachi
    Ahmed bazerbachiHari Yang lalu

    I think you meant "maximum 20 minutes in flight"

  • Logical Dude
    Logical DudeHari Yang lalu

    Chemtrails somehow got turned into some kind of nefarious thing. “The government” and “big business” have been doing and trying to do this for years to curb “global warming” (sorry, “climate change” now). It’s been marginalized as some kind of fringe thing because it’s actually real and you can find it pretty easily by Googling the right terms, just don’t Google “chemtrail conspiracy” or something nutty like that. There are plenty of experiments and programs that involve spraying a shit ton of chemicals into the atmosphere to try and block out the sun’s rays. This isn’t a bizarre conspiracy, Bill Gates is even a big supporter of it and is helping Harvard with a project to spray chemicals into the atmosphere (oh wait, crap, that ruins my point). Have fun folks! :)

  • Srinivas Prasad Varanasi
    Srinivas Prasad VaranasiHari Yang lalu

    It is good information. Both the pilots are quite energetic and have humourous touch.

  • MeEncantaKiley
    MeEncantaKileyHari Yang lalu

    Wow good thing that didn’t happen 3 or 4 hours later

    DASH GAMINGHari Yang lalu

    I am watching this video at airport right now 😀

  • Paul Radford
    Paul RadfordHari Yang lalu

    Compass Rose gone :(

  • Ranga Peiris
    Ranga PeirisHari Yang lalu

    Please make a video about the technical docs you use in the cockpit. Were there any accidents reported due to outdated docs?

  • Maskofmystery
    MaskofmysteryHari Yang lalu

    Passengers, we're sorry for the delay but the captain is still doing his morning routine

  • wally metrich
    wally metrichHari Yang lalu

    You are awesome!!!

  • Thomas Demi
    Thomas DemiHari Yang lalu

    How can you tell aircrafts apart by just seeing few parts?

  • Thomas Henden
    Thomas HendenHari Yang lalu

    Isn’t this where the strings attach to the plane when it is hanged up in the ceiling for display? 😄