TOP 15 Reasons for HARD LANDINGS! DON'T BLAME the first officer! Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

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Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
Today’s video will all be about hard/bumpy landings. 15 reasons why pilots once in a while land a little harder than usual.
Number 15:
Autoland landing
Autolands can sometimes end up in a harder landing than usual. In very foggy conditions with visibility values lower than what is consider to be flown manually(RVR minimum), pilots have to choose an auto land landing if there plane is equipped and certified for such an approach. The autopilot flies purely by numbers and received signals from the ground which can lead to a shortened flare, ending in a bumpy landing. A mishap showing that the autopilot only flies by the received signals is the Singapore airlines (check) landing at Munich airport, where the pilot disconnected the autopilot too late after landing, and the signal got disturb by another plane, leading to the Triple 777 to swerve off the runway.
Number 14:
Varying landing weight
Your first landing might be close to the maximum landing weight and the next might be with a nearly empty plane. Planes act completely different depending on their landing weight, which might be misjudged by the pilot and ruining his flare!
Number 13:
Different plane types
Some airline pilots are rated on multiple planes. For example when I flew for Airberlin, I was rated on the Airbus A319, 320, 321 and some colleagues even flew the A330 all within one week. Sometimes you switched between different types of aircraft in one day. Each of them flare and obviously weigh differently and can be the cause for a bumpy landing.
Number 12:
Different engine types
Some airlines have an A320 as example with IAE V2500, but in the same fleet others are fitted with CFM Leap engines. Upon flare, the engines react or spool up and down differently, timely speaking, which can lead to an unexpected long flare, a sudden drop in airspeed and bang, your next hard landing.
Number 11:
Density Altitude
When landing in Los Angeles for example with a 747, let’s say you have a ground speed on approach of 150 knots, times 5 equals = 750 feet per minute of descent rate on a 3 degree glideslope. Let’s fly the approach with the same landing weight into Mexico City with an airport elevation of 7300 feet, the air density is much lower, therefore your True Airspeed increases by 2% per 1000 feet, means 7 times 2% equals 14%, so 150 knots times 1.14 equals 171 knots. Let’s say 170 knots times 5 equals 850 feet per minute your descending on the 3 degree glideslope. So effectively 100 feet per minute 20 knots faster, if you don’t anticipate the higher descent rate, bang, harder landing then usual. The same applies for glide slopes which are steeper than normal which result in a higher descent rate!
I hope you enjoy the video and it’s been helpful to you!
Thank you very much for your time!
Wishing you all the best!
Your "Captain" Joe
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