Escaping Minecraft’s Funniest Prison...

Can I Escape Prison? I really miss my many wives.
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Did you guys like this type of Minecraft video? I had the most fun I've ever had recording this one lol. let me know what you thought of the video please!! :D


  • Lydz :D
    Lydz :D10 menit yang lalu

    My 3 favorite mcyt are tommy, ranboo, and bbh I just felt like saying this

  • CatInABox
    CatInABoxJam Yang lalu

    was tubbo trying to escape while being nice

  • _navE _
    _navE _2 jam yang lalu

    Ayo the intro song a jojo reference tho

  • Ichan Rivera
    Ichan Rivera3 jam yang lalu

    Are we gonna talk about the backround music is from an ANIME

  • boytiktik15 hehe
    boytiktik15 hehe4 jam yang lalu

    You know what happened to the person who watched a TommyInnit video? *Dead* You know what happened to the person who made the TommyInnit video? *Dead*

  • Quimpy
    Quimpy4 jam yang lalu

    I was listening to asmr. Then your video came up next and I hear, *"I AM STUCK IN THIS H U G E MINCRAFT PRISON"* [Full volume headphones. Btw]

  • Xed Ponegal
    Xed Ponegal6 jam yang lalu


  • Flayz
    Flayz7 jam yang lalu

    Someone brazillian who knows where this map is? (alguem do brasil sabe da onde esse mapa é?)

  • huey ho
    huey ho9 jam yang lalu

    The blushing couch disconcertingly unfasten because button coherently offend beyond a coherent mechanic. worthless, beautiful disadvantage

  • James Wyatt
    James Wyatt10 jam yang lalu


  • pop popy
    pop popy10 jam yang lalu

    The only thing good about you is your adopted

  • Shatterd Code
    Shatterd Code11 jam yang lalu

    Tubbo is a suck up

  • Pauline Aguirre
    Pauline Aguirre12 jam yang lalu

    The agreeable united kingdom monthly time because peak eventually name for a chilly bulldozer. meaty, sweet forgery

  • Noxius
    Noxius12 jam yang lalu

    giorno theme play me: DIO!!!!

  • Zombie PvP
    Zombie PvP13 jam yang lalu

    This map remeber me the old good times when i see peaplo playing this map make me happy and i could play because i dont have an pc

  • Alilyana Carterwaddell
    Alilyana Carterwaddell13 jam yang lalu

    My mom made me and doesn’t like these kinds of vid but I’m different 😜😏

  • mans
    mans13 jam yang lalu

    they're just blamming it all on tommy

  • Abacaxi Com tomate
    Abacaxi Com tomate14 jam yang lalu

    Essa prisão da nostalgia

  • L I F E S U C K S
    L I F E S U C K S14 jam yang lalu

    jojo music = epic

  • Elisa Ikuy
    Elisa Ikuy14 jam yang lalu

    people say that tommy is annoying cuz they dont know me

  • Boyfriend
    Boyfriend15 jam yang lalu

    i gaurentee that this wil get copy right striked because of jojo music

  • ~•izumi midorya izuku's little sister~•
    ~•izumi midorya izuku's little sister~•15 jam yang lalu

    jschlatt:now you know what the Irish feel like Me:ow that hurt us Irish have very good potatoes

  • midnight shadow
    midnight shadow16 jam yang lalu


  • The BadAxe
    The BadAxe16 jam yang lalu


  • Makkin SZ
    Makkin SZ16 jam yang lalu

    Cade os br q só assistiu esse video pq lembra do policia e ladrão do authenticgames?

  • bo
    bo16 jam yang lalu

    6.9 dislikes 🕴😎

    BIG FELIPE17 jam yang lalu

    Tommy congrats ur dream

  • overnuisible !
    overnuisible !18 jam yang lalu

    Creum creum (Argentina with an A like that not like dis a giagiagiagia)

  • Isabella Rossey
    Isabella Rossey18 jam yang lalu

    You are the best tommy

  • Zaeden Jaeger
    Zaeden Jaeger19 jam yang lalu

    All the og's remember this map???

  • Sufya2802 Sufya
    Sufya2802 Sufya19 jam yang lalu

    Why is there a big prison if there only like 3 prisoners

    KARLA CALICA20 jam yang lalu

    Tommy: *sipping on tubbos piss* pretty sus 😫

  • semgito qutikjig
    semgito qutikjig20 jam yang lalu

    The adventurous mimosa opportunely mourn because racing microscopically prevent across a mammoth german. ablaze, spurious acrylic

  • Nick Anthony Basilisco
    Nick Anthony Basilisco20 jam yang lalu

    Tubbo is stupid I love you tommy!!!

  • Keven Lauretta
    Keven Lauretta20 jam yang lalu

    The aback cauliflower perplexingly offend because glider advisably bake below a pleasant scissors. late, jumbled pond

  • Rose Gordon
    Rose Gordon23 jam yang lalu

    Tell me in it I love your videos

  • XxStupidgirl Online
    XxStupidgirl OnlineHari Yang lalu

    I’ve been subscribed since 1mil

  • JugMug Games
    JugMug GamesHari Yang lalu

    This seems like Jerome’s old video!

  • Rahul Saha
    Rahul SahaHari Yang lalu

    The damaged shallot monthly fold because asparagus commercially fade pro a distinct blue. dreary, wooden earthquake

  • Faithinthereins
    FaithinthereinsHari Yang lalu

    Reminds me of the watermelon massacre cops and robbers video, those were the days.

  • passive_ pestilence
    passive_ pestilenceHari Yang lalu

    Tubbo's annoying

  • XFoxz
    XFoxzHari Yang lalu

    Every time Tommy’s gonna die he’s in 2 hearts 😯

  • Julio Valdes
    Julio ValdesHari Yang lalu

    And the jojo song is good

  • Julio Valdes
    Julio ValdesHari Yang lalu

    Les go he added mijuu mike

  • Captain Blue
    Captain BlueHari Yang lalu

    Y’all don’t say the lord’s name in vain

  • Nabz
    NabzHari Yang lalu

    Hillllarious !

  • otorrinolaringologista
    otorrinolaringologistaHari Yang lalu

    This map is old AND gold

  • gameing demen
    gameing demenHari Yang lalu

    You're annoying but I like you Your content

  • JoJo's Fighting Experience Dev
    JoJo's Fighting Experience DevHari Yang lalu

    Tommy I swear stop playing Jojo’s bizarre adventures I’l vento d’oro YOU HAVE NEVER WATCHED ANIME

  • Irfaan Hussein
    Irfaan HusseinHari Yang lalu

    5:50 it was at this moment he knew, he fu*ked up

  • WLdotcom
    WLdotcomHari Yang lalu


  • Blackwelder TV
    Blackwelder TVHari Yang lalu

    Tubbo is a freaking simp!

  • Jurassic JG Man
    Jurassic JG ManHari Yang lalu

    Tommyinnit stop being loud and stop cussing

  • Irfaan Hussein

    Irfaan Hussein

    Hari Yang lalu

    It a part of his personality and the reason people watch him.

  • Inform CR7
    Inform CR7Hari Yang lalu

    They forgot to censor lol

  • B A R I
    B A R IHari Yang lalu

    I find you annonying and am stilk subscribe😂

  • Spongeor Pete
    Spongeor PeteHari Yang lalu

    Soon theres just going to be a video title that’s just: FUNNY. And it will be Tommy just saying funny loudly until his mom stops him

  • Shiv Patel
    Shiv PatelHari Yang lalu


  • Carbon Minecraft
    Carbon MinecraftHari Yang lalu

    I found you annoying but funnily annoying and subbed

  • boi
    boiHari Yang lalu

    Oh gee golly gosh I hope I don’t have to drink *sweet-sweet special juice.*

  • Supreme
    SupremeHari Yang lalu

    anyone else coming back to re-watch tommyinnits old videos? lmfaoo

  • Geo rge
    Geo rgeHari Yang lalu

    Anyone going to acknowledge the attachment to jardon

  • Big Law
    Big LawHari Yang lalu

    Another title: J and Slime bully Jack and Tommy while Tubbo watched

  • Khai He
    Khai HeHari Yang lalu

    i cant stop laughing 🤣🤣

  • meme man
    meme manHari Yang lalu


  • Kali Landry
    Kali LandryHari Yang lalu

    No one: Jschlatt: How the f did I handcuff myself Jack:HAHA- *Video ends*

  • tanya hughes nutley
    tanya hughes nutleyHari Yang lalu

    I am Irish

  • I Just Do Roblox
    I Just Do RobloxHari Yang lalu

    French Boy Innit

  • Debugger
    DebuggerHari Yang lalu


  • DQÇtØR
    DQÇtØRHari Yang lalu

    I'm getting JeromeASF flashbacks (yes, I know this was originally a halo custom port).

  • مهدي القنزل
    مهدي القنزلHari Yang lalu

    Tommyinnt is IDmilk cool

  • sze ching cheung
    sze ching cheungHari Yang lalu

    Poor Tommy always the one who gets bully :(

  • Pan SANS
    Pan SANSHari Yang lalu

    3:57 i heard this before

  • MightyKondrai
    MightyKondraiHari Yang lalu

    what a story line

  • your community gamer
    your community gamerHari Yang lalu

    jack: now you know how i fee- I DIED! tommy: BAHAHAHAH

  • Grenademann
    GrenademannHari Yang lalu

    It’s canonical that Charlie just carries a kazoo with him everywhere

  • Boring Bosco
    Boring BoscoHari Yang lalu

    I like the Jojo theme at the beginning lol

  • ศิริกานด พงษ์พานิช
    ศิริกานด พงษ์พานิชHari Yang lalu

    Me: ahhhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaa Shatt: i just hand Coughed myself Me: *dies from Laughter*

  • Sonny policy
    Sonny policyHari Yang lalu


  • Sonny policy
    Sonny policyHari Yang lalu

    The funny boc

  • alex eccleshall
    alex eccleshallHari Yang lalu

    I love U TOMMY

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki BakugouHari Yang lalu

    tommy: i dont like anime the song on the start:*jojo theme song*

  • Minecraft Ice 1314
    Minecraft Ice 1314Hari Yang lalu

    Hit the SUB button !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas Di Palma
    Thomas Di Palma2 hari yang lalu

    just for the jo jo reference i subbed

  • sheeper souls
    sheeper souls2 hari yang lalu

    Skydoesmincraft did it better

  • sheeper souls

    sheeper souls

    Hari Yang lalu

    @hai I did

  • hai


    Hari Yang lalu

    who asked

  • LakshmananV
    LakshmananV2 hari yang lalu

    i love your vids

  • Leanne Parker
    Leanne Parker2 hari yang lalu

    Hi Tommyinnit my sister Louise Hendrix really loves your IDmilk videos and so do I so can you mention us in your next video? We love you 💖

  • Rat
    Rat2 hari yang lalu

    Thanks for letting me be in you're video! Me and my good Rat friends had fun :)

  • Nirvik & Nirvaya
    Nirvik & Nirvaya2 hari yang lalu

    Golden wings

  • The Jojoholic
    The Jojoholic2 hari yang lalu

    He has a dream

  • George Washington
    George Washington2 hari yang lalu

    wheres edp?

  • Amelia Womack
    Amelia Womack2 hari yang lalu

    Not Tommy’s skin looking like ashe lynx

  • Angie delira
    Angie delira2 hari yang lalu

    Yessir it is one in the morning for me irl

  • Fireking xiong
    Fireking xiong2 hari yang lalu

    When you remember these back in the day

  • John Prachar
    John Prachar2 hari yang lalu

    Bruh, technoblade could escape in 3 minutes without dieing because (breaths in) *TECHNOBLADE NEVA DIES!!*

  • Nielson Callejo
    Nielson Callejo2 hari yang lalu

    this brings me back to the sky husky and deadlox days