Mortal Kombat (2021) - Official Red Band Trailer


The Mortal Kombat movie reboot from director Simon McQuoid features the defenders of Earthrealm Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Jax Briggs and more entering the Mortal Kombat tournament to save the world from Shang Tsung, Sub-Zero, Mileena and other supernatural kombatants.

This red band Mortal Kombat (2021) trailer shows off why it's rated R.

Mortal Kombat movie release date April 16, 2021.


  • Rafikzhan Aliev
    Rafikzhan Aliev7 menit yang lalu

    Where is Khabib?

  • Yusuf Andi
    Yusuf Andi8 menit yang lalu

    Jota nih bos my from Indonesian

  • XON 365
    XON 36535 menit yang lalu

    Mileena - Mortal Kombat

    KAJEW EPEP43 menit yang lalu

    Bangga banget Ama Joe Taslim 😄

  • Reval Djilzan Adha
    Reval Djilzan Adha44 menit yang lalu

    Indonesia bangga Joe Taslim🇲🇨💖

  • rafi gaming
    rafi gaming55 menit yang lalu

    Jota ff😂

  • Abbey Matt Mi
    Abbey Matt Mi59 menit yang lalu

    In endgame hiroyuki sanada got killed by ronin (Hawkeye ninja version).. Now he became a ninja.. Neat..

  • Joe's Channel
    Joe's ChannelJam Yang lalu

    This movie is gonna be POG ASF!

  • Nicholas Cacitti
    Nicholas CacittiJam Yang lalu

    predicting cole is related to shao kahn

  • WA y
    WA yJam Yang lalu

    Joe taslim coy (subzero) ❤️

  • Squicx
    SquicxJam Yang lalu

    Every scene in this movie is already iconic

  • ameen21
    ameen21Jam Yang lalu


  • Angel Santos
    Angel Santos2 jam yang lalu

    Ok but where’s Chun lee?

    MS TECHNOLOGY2 jam yang lalu

    This Trailer Got "FATALITY"!!!

  • Josh R
    Josh R2 jam yang lalu

    Dang, Jax getting disarmed ?

  • Christian Snow Guingoyon
    Christian Snow Guingoyon2 jam yang lalu

    theme song for this movie should be 21 savage - Immortal

  • Vivek
    Vivek3 jam yang lalu

    Maybe he was born with it, maybey it's Maybelline..

  • Crazy clown 703
    Crazy clown 7033 jam yang lalu

    Please have Johhny cage in the movie

  • Dev Chauhan
    Dev Chauhan3 jam yang lalu

    So 🔥

  • Hemi Morrison
    Hemi Morrison3 jam yang lalu

    No Johnny cage?

  • GamersBucin
    GamersBucin3 jam yang lalu

    Joe Taslim indonesia

  • Fir_ zsyah

    Fir_ zsyah

    2 jam yang lalu

    komen racun .

  • Ali Akram
    Ali Akram3 jam yang lalu

    Can’t fuckin waaaaaaait

  • Imam Walton
    Imam Walton4 jam yang lalu

    Joe Taslimmmmmm!!

  • doge
    doge4 jam yang lalu


  • Glenn Patrick Umaguing
    Glenn Patrick Umaguing4 jam yang lalu

    Who thinks cole is deaf and mute??? He's not speaking

  • rico042002
    rico0420024 jam yang lalu

    CGI 10/10, New Actors -999999/10

  • No_NameIdea *
    No_NameIdea *4 jam yang lalu

    everyone for sure is angry rambo robocop terminator joker not being here right right? or its just me?

  • I Do not know
    I Do not know4 jam yang lalu

    Wtf was that get over here

  • Tooryalai Maqdoor
    Tooryalai Maqdoor4 jam yang lalu

    "I'm Tom Brady" "What do you mean?" "I'm not Patrick Mahomes"

  • Leo Charles
    Leo Charles4 jam yang lalu

    I'd rather watch a MK movie where Sub-Zero has a personal vendetta against Scorpion... 2 characters... thats it... then you introduce the other characters in a 2nd or 3rd movie... aghhhh

  • Darker Tiger
    Darker Tiger4 jam yang lalu

    Just hype. Expect it to be extremely disappointing.

  • Catalyst 3012
    Catalyst 30124 jam yang lalu

    One word!! Amazing!!

  • BlizStyle Pictures
    BlizStyle Pictures5 jam yang lalu

    Need normal voice “get over here”

  • Christian Mohammed
    Christian Mohammed5 jam yang lalu

    Where is Johnny Cage?

  • Kamen Rider Wingblade
    Kamen Rider Wingblade5 jam yang lalu

    This maybe more badass than from the 1990’s

  • Blade
    Blade5 jam yang lalu


  • Just cool
    Just cool5 jam yang lalu

    Allll Mortall Kombattt!!!!!!

  • Yuni Ramirez
    Yuni Ramirez5 jam yang lalu

    Very well done everyone ❤ who contributed and participated in this movie 👏 this trailer is super amazing.

  • Nathan Banda
    Nathan Banda5 jam yang lalu

    Will not watch, no Johnny Cage, no funny

  • Nate King Coleslaw
    Nate King Coleslaw5 jam yang lalu

    It brought tears to my eyes.

  • Glen Maka
    Glen Maka5 jam yang lalu

    Finally an actual japanese Raiden.

  • Supacomputer Revolution
    Supacomputer Revolution6 jam yang lalu

    Who's that at 1:47 looking up?

  • KlintonCRM
    KlintonCRM6 jam yang lalu

    Why 6K dislikes? Maybe thats for cole young

  • Mama Luigi
    Mama Luigi7 jam yang lalu

    Sort of looks like a DC movie and has some bad CGI but ill give it a shot.

  • Gianna Kattil
    Gianna Kattil7 jam yang lalu

    Where’s Kitana and jade

  • kingcutty
    kingcutty7 jam yang lalu

    So we all expect this movie to be right. Because it will

  • Bakul Krupuk
    Bakul Krupuk7 jam yang lalu

    Mna ni

  • tigor marbun
    tigor marbun8 jam yang lalu


  • Tabog Gentala Channel
    Tabog Gentala Channel8 jam yang lalu

    Hai Joe Taslim !!!

  • Kum Hydrant
    Kum Hydrant8 jam yang lalu

    For you old Skool Mortal Kombat players - A,B,A,C,A,B,B - Blood mode enabled

  • The Bald and the Beardiful
    The Bald and the Beardiful8 jam yang lalu

    Cage in MK: "My shades..." Cage in MK Annihilation: *dies* Cage in MK 2021: "Aight...I know where this is going...imma head out."

  • shortroundChris
    shortroundChris8 jam yang lalu

    Dang sub zero move literally cold blooded ouch!

  • Mr. Universe
    Mr. Universe8 jam yang lalu

    The color tiny is weak. Looks like a DC film.

  • karent afrian
    karent afrian8 jam yang lalu

    shao kahn?

  • Supports League
    Supports League8 jam yang lalu

    Nice joke

  • Tompel Gokil
    Tompel Gokil8 jam yang lalu

    Keren parah bro

  • Mister Chubbikins
    Mister Chubbikins9 jam yang lalu

    Kano: exists Trevor Goddard: Auditions for the role in the 96 film with an aussie accent. Netherrealm Studios: so Kano is Australian now.

  • Mister Chubbikins

    Mister Chubbikins

    4 jam yang lalu

    @Ryan Lauer no he hasn't. NR studios made him so after the actors portrayal in the film. Read the trivia section of his fandom page.

  • Ryan Lauer

    Ryan Lauer

    8 jam yang lalu

    The character Kano has always been Australian.

  • Bash Em!
    Bash Em!9 jam yang lalu

    A reboot cool but if you guys made a series. That would be insane!

  • Nebula537
    Nebula5379 jam yang lalu

    Dang Sub Zero and Kung Lao are probably the best parts about this

  • nicermog
    nicermog9 jam yang lalu

    This is going to make the original Mortal Kombat look like a classic.

  • Fast Eddy
    Fast Eddy9 jam yang lalu


  • mitchellemmen
    mitchellemmen9 jam yang lalu

    Ed Boon has a solid "GET OVER HERE!" . Hope he chips in

  • Handell James
    Handell James9 jam yang lalu

    Where is the mortal kombat theme song?

  • saverio Lombardi
    saverio Lombardi9 jam yang lalu

    Is that JAX losing his arms in the beginning?

    DIMAS INUZUKA10 jam yang lalu

    No reptile?

  • Fir_ zsyah

    Fir_ zsyah

    2 jam yang lalu


  • Skippa
    Skippa10 jam yang lalu

    Anyone peep reptile and Kano fighting

  • Omojo Stormz
    Omojo Stormz10 jam yang lalu

    Oooooh I'm so ready

  • One Man Army 89
    One Man Army 8910 jam yang lalu

    Jackie Chan or Jet Le is missing :D

  • G Kravtsov
    G Kravtsov11 jam yang lalu

    I'm Sub Zeroo!!!

  • Peace
    Peace11 jam yang lalu

    Statistics will show that most people with birthmarks were born with them.

  • Nitesh G
    Nitesh G11 jam yang lalu

    That music , still giving goosebumps. Childhood memories

  • Ashwin Arunkumar
    Ashwin Arunkumar11 jam yang lalu

    1:30 Scorpion is in the octagon with Cole !

  • Luz Hernández
    Luz Hernández11 jam yang lalu

    1:35 wait a minute, are you telling me that Mileena and Kitana are black? Why do they keep doing this? Why is it so difficult to respect the original ethnicity of each character in movie industry?

    DJ BILL11 jam yang lalu

    Finally, Kung Lao

  • Moises Perez
    Moises Perez12 jam yang lalu

    Anyone come everyday to watch the trailer?

  • A Noble Xenomorph
    A Noble Xenomorph12 jam yang lalu

    When has Mileena ever been a black chick? She looks more like Jade now

  • Davion Davidson
    Davion Davidson12 jam yang lalu

    Goooott dammnnnn

  • Realistic Gamr
    Realistic Gamr12 jam yang lalu


  • fatty mc fatness
    fatty mc fatness12 jam yang lalu


  • Brindle Stryker
    Brindle Stryker13 jam yang lalu


  • Danial Arazi
    Danial Arazi13 jam yang lalu

    It's kinda cheesy tho ngl

  • Jumpi depi Lollen
    Jumpi depi Lollen13 jam yang lalu

    Can't wait

  • jerry
    jerry13 jam yang lalu


  • Romero Houstone
    Romero Houstone14 jam yang lalu

    Lou kang need some protein

  • HoHoTacoBaco
    HoHoTacoBaco14 jam yang lalu

    Just imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger instead of scorpion saying: "Get ova heeer!"

  • Gabriel the futbol fan
    Gabriel the futbol fan14 jam yang lalu


  • Austin Miller
    Austin Miller14 jam yang lalu


    KID BUU14 jam yang lalu

    We need Tekken 3 movie

  • george bruce
    george bruce15 jam yang lalu

    imagine Liu Kang doing a bicycle kick with turkey sound

  • Nerd 2021
    Nerd 202115 jam yang lalu

    It's boring, previous one music was best

  • Aamir Khan
    Aamir Khan15 jam yang lalu

    Music is Missing which makes movie original spirit Btw can't wait to see

  • Sheng Hu
    Sheng Hu15 jam yang lalu

    Iko Uwais as Kuai Liang for Mk2.

  • Berlin Barrera
    Berlin Barrera15 jam yang lalu

    After watching 56 times, the “get over here” is growing on me.

  • Farts the Stinky
    Farts the Stinky15 jam yang lalu

    This isn't your content so I'm reporting you for monetization

  • leo
    leo16 jam yang lalu

    Damn joe taslim as sub zero, you guys must seen how brutal is joe in "night come for us" movie

  • Twisted Cogitamentum
    Twisted Cogitamentum16 jam yang lalu

    2:23 Did Kano just kill Reptile?

  • dale ferguson
    dale ferguson16 jam yang lalu

    6k disliked was hoping for a fortnight film

    JAY BONS16 jam yang lalu

    Aktor indo punya nih boss

  • Wandi Edrian
    Wandi Edrian16 jam yang lalu

    Konten ini dikenai batasan usia

  • Trollface87
    Trollface8716 jam yang lalu

    They did not stick to the Ermac taking of jax’s arm they made it that sub zero froze his arms but it was ermac