Mike Tyson - All Knockouts of the Legend


He was called the ‘Baddest man on the planet’ for his incredible punching power and aggressive fighting style. His Speed, strength, and vicious aggression earned him the title of the youngest world heavyweight champion in 1986. He is Iron Mike Tyson.
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    Give your life to Christ. Before it's too late. Repent for your sins and praise him. He is coming back soon

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    look how fast his punches are in slow mo. insane. @8:27 is a good example.

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  • SomThai Store
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    just me or at 12:39 the side punch did not even hit the head...

  • dave walters
    dave walters3 jam yang lalu

    mike tyson's networth is $ 3 million and in interviews he seems happy so im happy for him and his left hook was 1178 foot pounds or 1600 joules of energy an ak-47 can fire at 2000 joules it felt like a dorm refrigerator with 3 12 packs dropped from a second story window.info is from thrillist "how hard could mike tyson really punch"

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    Amazing video thanks!

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  • Bob Spalding
    Bob Spalding5 jam yang lalu

    I was punched on the jaw by a young black kid I wanted him to break my teeth out or my nose he was shaking like a leaf when he got in my face.

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    The_All_ Legend

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    We don’t care

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    Foreman, Shavers, Tyson, or Wilder idmilk.info/cycle/video/g56Gd5W6mbasj8c.html

  • Bob Spalding
    Bob Spalding5 jam yang lalu

    I was beat in the head and face with a bottle punched in the temple 5 times beat in the head and face for 3 minutes punched in the face on occasions hit by a car going 35 mph only hit that ever knoked me out.

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    Prime Mike Tyson vs. angry Andre the Giant ? Go !

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    Proud to say I tapped on Mike’s shoulder once at a air plane he smiled at me. WOW

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    Brock Lesnar

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  • Kino Dizzle
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    12:36 didn't even look like he hit em

    CAVEAPE8 jam yang lalu

    Peter mcneeley couldn’t make a sandwich. Let alone fight. Who told him he was good enough? Dear god it’s hilarious.

  • Randy Bryant
    Randy Bryant8 jam yang lalu

    I been around a long time. In his prime, he was the very best...

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    salut tout le monde

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    If Mike Tyson was boxing in today Logan Paul wouldn't even think about challenging him.

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    Best boxer since ali..

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    Tyson is the strongest

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    Killer combo !!! CcccCooombooooo breaker!!!!

  • Paul stone
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    A legend... you can perfectly see the power of the strikes he throws...awesome

  • Elton Jones
    Elton Jones10 jam yang lalu

    I don't think Mike Tyson can beat Muhammad Ali or kimbo slice

  • Craig Simons
    Craig Simons10 jam yang lalu

    Mike’s unrivalled punching power was his trademark, but his actual boxing skills and ring craft were seriously good and overshadowed by the ferocity of his knockouts. The loss of Kevin Rooney and complacency on Tyson’s part in no small way contributed to his downfall but I firmly believe that at his peak Iron Mike Tyson would have been a real threat to any heavyweight in history, and those of today.

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    Imagine if he would had never got caught up with Don King.

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    Ga tau dia ngomong apa, yang pasti om mike tusun kalau berantem maju terus karna udh yakin menang + power pukulannya yang emang joss

  • Lucy Shalom
    Lucy Shalom15 jam yang lalu

    Real men don't make noise believe in action like Tyson

  • Roben Rock
    Roben Rock15 jam yang lalu

    When it comes to men Tyson is a different man he has the strength n boldness to overcome

  • Lew Scagnetti
    Lew Scagnetti16 jam yang lalu

    Tyson was savage in /out of the ring ! The death of Cus and Don King absolutely ruined this legendary fighter !!

  • Vili Tomai
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    why tf is brock lesner in thumb nail LOOOL

  • J Black
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    myslalem ze zobacze Golote vs Tyson , ale prziecz tam nie bylo nokautu tylko ucieczka :(

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    20:05 just WOW

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    I like when Tyson knocked out Lesnar, definitely a match for the ages

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    Great click bait

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    Tyson always looked fit in the ring. Most others not so much. Many quite fat.

  • Austin Teutsch
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    Been watching boxing for 50 years. Tyson never really got challenged until the Marvis Frazier fight because of Frazier's father. After that, Tyson's name was boxing until he raped that girl who went to his hotel room with her bible and chasity belt.

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    6:15 he flew

  • Its Peekay

    Its Peekay

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    And 10:42

  • Austin Teutsch
    Austin Teutsch21 jam yang lalu

    Look, Tyson also had a heart, which is the core of a great fighter. He went to the middle of the ring to acknowledge his opponents with respect. Anyone at that level in boxing deserves respect from any opponent.

  • 2016 Chevy Silverado
    2016 Chevy Silverado21 jam yang lalu

    One thing I’ve noticed is the people who last the longest with him are the ones trying to match his aggressive fight style

  • Hayles
    Hayles23 jam yang lalu

    How is a disqualification a knockout of the legend?

  • Hayles
    Hayles23 jam yang lalu

    One of the reasons why mike tyson was a beast was because he had all the skill in boxing and also took getting into shape to the same level. He was in insane shape, all these other fighters are dough balls compared to him, they obviously didn't take working out to such a high degree. That's why he just keeps coming with such energy.

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  • Deandre Jackson
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  • Philofthefuture
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    I barely recognize him without that face thing😉. The man will be lethal until the day they drop dirt on him. Amazing athlete. Even with his several "incidents" he should always be honored for what he did for the sport. My favorite Nintendo game.

  • Jonish ramirez
    Jonish ramirezHari Yang lalu

    Canelo reminds of tyson

  • Jeffrey Hill
    Jeffrey HillHari Yang lalu

    He was fighting 2 fights a month talk about resilient. Guys now fight once a year or maybe twice

  • Ricky Kelley
    Ricky KelleyHari Yang lalu

    When I played “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out” as a kid, I always thought they made Tyson too hard to beat... but after watching this, I’m thinking he may have been too easy! 😳

  • Jaughn
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    tupac was shot after the tyson sheldon fight ☹️ rip

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    This is art

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    I always say what if Cuz would have been around. Mike was a POS until came into Cuz life. The beginning of the end when Cuz died.

  • Andres Garcia
    Andres GarciaHari Yang lalu

    That damn iron left hook. 👊💀🙌

  • godbeforeme
    godbeforemeHari Yang lalu

    32:54 "The fight was tough. Both men tried to throw punches throughout the fight." I feel like you pretty well summed up what boxing is, Captain Obvious.

  • Mr. GAWN
    Mr. GAWNHari Yang lalu

    I think this video shows more about mike than his ability. it shows how nice of a guy he really is. all that respect after the fights and more. mike was a class act before he was the villain.. much respect, mike

  • Ovi 113
    Ovi 113Hari Yang lalu

    99 strength and agility Floyd maybe the best defense boxer but tyson chaining and power are far greater attributes when it comes to goat status.

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    Is training on today

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  • Man on an island
    Man on an islandHari Yang lalu

    Mike actually came along at the right time, he knocked out a lot of bum and retired boxers that's why I took that Real Deal money .

  • Markyboy88
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    A true champion

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    Мастерство от ВСЕВЫШНЕГО не отнять ни у кого

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    Number one and will always be.

  • Joseph Giger
    Joseph GigerHari Yang lalu

    The ear biting tarnished his career.

  • vitor anthés
    vitor anthésHari Yang lalu

    7:13 damn tyson took off dude's teeths even with gloves and mouth protection wtf that was brutal

  • Nassta K
    Nassta KHari Yang lalu

    Who put Alderson in a ring with Tyson.

  • Aaron Langlois
    Aaron LangloisHari Yang lalu

    I would have loved to see Tyson vs Fury

  • KengGokuGod
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    Steve Fox.

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    좋아죽어요Hari Yang lalu

    누가 뭐래도 내인생 최고의 복서는 타이슨이다 The best boxer of my life, no matter what, is Tyson.

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  • Iyankichi kunいやんきち
    Iyankichi kunいやんきちHari Yang lalu

    So he fights like 20 times a year?

  • Iyankichi kunいやんきち
    Iyankichi kunいやんきちHari Yang lalu

    How many fights can he do in a year?

  • Zane M
    Zane MHari Yang lalu

    He had like 20+ fights in 1985

  • miscellaneous
    miscellaneousHari Yang lalu

    I hate because Deontay wilder thinks he is the most powerful puncher who ever lived and he’s punches look like he’s trying to swim 🏊‍♂️ mike Tyson would break the punching machine in he’s prime

  • RYAN PARUS production
    RYAN PARUS productionHari Yang lalu

    Like it..👍👍👍

  • Health Matrices
    Health MatricesHari Yang lalu

    Tyson great man!

  • Dicky Wood
    Dicky WoodHari Yang lalu

    Mike's bicept is bigger than my thigh. What a scary guy he was.

  • westfalenstadion!
    westfalenstadion!Hari Yang lalu

    38:09 that's a real Warrior!!

  • Michael Gardella
    Michael GardellaHari Yang lalu

    Imagine this guy with some muay Thai and bjj he would literally be a killer

  • Againstfear
    AgainstfearHari Yang lalu

    20 ads for 1 vid. Fuck it.

  • Biblical SmackDown
    Biblical SmackDownHari Yang lalu

    Tyson had the talent, but his trainer his Mentor made him a very dangerous weapon!

  • Not Turok
    Not TurokHari Yang lalu

    made a lot of opponents have to take a breathalyzer test. Along with making the word canvas a drinking game in this video.

  • Tue Saucy
    Tue SaucyHari Yang lalu

    The battle to walk to the right corner..

  • Kealii Slater-Kahumoku
    Kealii Slater-KahumokuHari Yang lalu

    Lol! Full on click bait with that huge White dude 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gustavo Jaime
    Gustavo JaimeHari Yang lalu

    This isnt a normal fighter hes a monster

  • Hamza Saeed
    Hamza SaeedHari Yang lalu

    Im I trippin or is mike Tyson fighting every 10 to 15 days???

  • Warsaver
    WarsaverHari Yang lalu

    Be ready. He's stepping out of retirement.

  • peter King
    peter KingHari Yang lalu

    Great fighter ever