I Build Underground Tunnel Water Slide Park Into Swimming Pool house

I Build Underground Tunnel Water Slide Park Into Swimming Pool house

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Mr. Tfue: I'm from the United State Of America (USA). I'm planning to build Underground City in the wild completely from scratch using Primitive Tools. We are three people (Builder \u0026 Camera man).

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  • Rijvana Shaikh
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    😍😍 very nice art I like your creativity I always see ur vidios really super se uper 👍🥰 ❤️mashallah...❤️

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    Eto yung hinahanap mong tagalog comment. Walang anuman.

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    Haha sa wakas

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    ♡ DNF. Textingstory ♡2 jam yang lalu

    Minecraft,but in real life

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    izzyrx74 jam yang lalu

    Its very cool to do a pool in a jungle

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    Qué bello hermoso corazones bonitos todo pero qué bonito lo van a hacer estoy con mi amiga Carla con mi hermanito y yo me llamo Marlene thank you💖💖💟💘😃❣️💝

  • Gleidy Bamaca
    Gleidy Bamaca8 jam yang lalu

    , Qué bonito le quedaron Guau Qué divertido no lo puedo creer un columpio muy bonito hicieron a casa también💖💖💖👌🤩🤩🤩🤑😍💟💘💋💝❣️💞

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    POV: all the dislikes are from Karen’s and teenagers saying it’s fake

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