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  • Leidy Díaz
    Leidy Díaz20 detik yang lalu

    Incluso si un largo tiempo pasá.!

  • Critobal Ramos
    Critobal Ramos21 detik yang lalu


  • Critobal Ramos
    Critobal Ramos39 detik yang lalu


  • peachy
    peachy44 detik yang lalu

    yuk bisa yukk 10M💚

  • Namesa Baraili
    Namesa Baraili47 detik yang lalu

    Got7 xAhgase Forever together and I am proud To be a part of this beautiful Fandom.

  • Yağmur Güner
    Yağmur Güner50 detik yang lalu

    Mutbeatte oylama yeniden başladı 4. Sıradayız. Bu hafta kazanalum lütfen. Oylarınızı vermeyi unutmayın pliiz

    BLUE POWER BLUE POWERMenit Yang lalu


  • tong tong
    tong tong3 menit yang lalu

    7 or nothing

  • tong tong
    tong tong3 menit yang lalu

    wow got7

  • Lil Angel
    Lil Angel4 menit yang lalu

    is this there new acc?

  • Nur Najiha
    Nur Najiha6 menit yang lalu

    Almost 10M..

  • Ahgase Got7
    Ahgase Got78 menit yang lalu

    Lets encourage fellow birdies by reminding them that we all are still here!! Green hearts

    ARMINK8 menit yang lalu

    Got7 forever😭😭😭💚💚💚

  • marisa margaretaes
    marisa margaretaes9 menit yang lalu

    Thanks GOT7

  • Beyza 7
    Beyza 710 menit yang lalu

    my babes.. love u soo much

  • Beck Bee
    Beck Bee10 menit yang lalu

    I love you ☺☺☺

  • marisa margaretaes
    marisa margaretaes10 menit yang lalu

    Amazing song

  • KFC 399
    KFC 39911 menit yang lalu


  • Dahlia Makdalena
    Dahlia Makdalena11 menit yang lalu


  • kim skz
    kim skz11 menit yang lalu


  • kim skz
    kim skz11 menit yang lalu


  • Krishia Lyn Mendoza
    Krishia Lyn Mendoza12 menit yang lalu

    With youuu

  • Elly Kwon
    Elly Kwon16 menit yang lalu

    This song was released on the lowest point of my life, when I don't have the energy even just to exist. I've really made the right choice to stan these boys. Got7 forever! 💚

  • Linzy Wang
    Linzy Wang16 menit yang lalu

    Ahgasae, if you haven't subscribed to OT7AHGA YT Channel, kindly subscribe for they are one of the fanbases who support GOT7. Let's also show our gratitude for them. I know this comment is lost, hope you will.

  • นุชนารถ สุทธิชัง
    นุชนารถ สุทธิชัง18 menit yang lalu


  • Jinyoung got7
    Jinyoung got721 menit yang lalu

    This song make me to love more than before. Their voice are the cutest .My happy Pills ❤️

  • onlyfor GOT7
    onlyfor GOT722 menit yang lalu

    DON'T GIVE UP, ROAD TO 10M vi3ws

  • eisyanasran
    eisyanasran24 menit yang lalu

    me again for countless times already: so ive been reading the comments yall drop and it makes me proud even more 😭💚 thank you so much for stopping by to them even once, it means a lot to us ahgase🐥 10M letsgoooo!❤️

  • Khun Ploy
    Khun Ploy25 menit yang lalu

    Love this song and you guys!!! 💚

  • Betül IŞIK
    Betül IŞIK26 menit yang lalu


  • i'm ahgamy i'm ahgamy
    i'm ahgamy i'm ahgamy26 menit yang lalu

    10M soon

  • R U 2
    R U 227 menit yang lalu

    very emotional and also fun

  • nantha singmud
    nantha singmud28 menit yang lalu


  • lily
    lily30 menit yang lalu

    agh this song owns my whole heart. got7 forever indeed agh i love these guys.

  • Tessa Wang
    Tessa Wang30 menit yang lalu

    Skrrt skrrt

    GOT7 BEST KPOP GROUP30 menit yang lalu

    Proud to be a part of the Green

  • นางสาวหนึ่งฤทัย ไชยบรรณ์
    นางสาวหนึ่งฤทัย ไชยบรรณ์32 menit yang lalu


  • Linzy Wang
    Linzy Wang32 menit yang lalu

    Love this song.

  • SnakeKonig
    SnakeKonig37 menit yang lalu

    3:27 Encore shot at Manila Phillippines... be Proud Pinoy Ahgase..

  • def: ur leadernim 5!
    def: ur leadernim 5!40 menit yang lalu

    This song feels like home.

  • Tanikashree
    Tanikashree45 menit yang lalu

    0.9M more!!!!

  • KYUM
    KYUM50 menit yang lalu

    we will sing for you~ we will Spin for you~ Promise.

  • def: ur leadernim 5!

    def: ur leadernim 5!

    40 menit yang lalu

  • KYUM


    41 menit yang lalu

    @night shine ♡

  • night shine

    night shine

    48 menit yang lalu

    We do what we promise (^_-)

  • arase 7ven
    arase 7ven51 menit yang lalu

    I want a friendship like this

  • Bee Min
    Bee Min53 menit yang lalu


  • Angelica De Sá Silva
    Angelica De Sá Silva53 menit yang lalu

    REDDETMEYİ REDDEDİYORUM54 menit yang lalu


  • R U 2

    R U 2

    31 menit yang lalu


  • Çift Kişilikli Jonginnie •Büşra•
    Çift Kişilikli Jonginnie •Büşra•54 menit yang lalu

    Şarkı sözlerini iyi okuyun, iyi anlayın ve onlara sahip olduğumuz için ne kadar şanslı olduğumuzu bir kere daha anımsayın ♡ TURKISH AHGASE

  • stan food
    stan food55 menit yang lalu

    me looking at my snake friends after watching this : {°¬°}

  • Moon Brubs
    Moon Brubs57 menit yang lalu

    Vocês são incríveis 💖

  • Sukanya Mingkons
    Sukanya MingkonsJam Yang lalu

    Miss you 😢😢

  • shey rem
    shey remJam Yang lalu


  • stan food
    stan foodJam Yang lalu

    guys fr *SPIN HARDER*

  • lala
    lalaJam Yang lalu

    thank you got7 , i love u.

  • Rocille Estomagulang
    Rocille EstomagulangJam Yang lalu

    no one's doing it like got7 i bet

  • jeongyeon9
    jeongyeon9Jam Yang lalu

    this is my daily medicine. it takes my sadness away.

  • Feride Külsüm
    Feride KülsümJam Yang lalu

    ders arasında müzik ne kadar dinlendiriyor insanı ya

  • 진영왕자님
    진영왕자님Jam Yang lalu

    ayo birds GGG needs you now!

  • Валерия Иванова
    Валерия ИвановаJam Yang lalu


  • Diana SY
    Diana SYJam Yang lalu

    Let's show endless support for each of them, for every project they have.

  • Rahila Ahmedi

    Rahila Ahmedi

    3 menit yang lalu


  • Yağmur Güner
    Yağmur GünerJam Yang lalu

    Ders arası geleyim dedim merhabalar :)))

  • Yağmur Güner

    Yağmur Güner

    Jam Yang lalu

    @R U 2 hb bro

  • R U 2

    R U 2

    Jam Yang lalu

    hg bro

  • def: ur leadernim 5!
    def: ur leadernim 5!Jam Yang lalu

    *Beautifully made.*

  • def: ur leadernim 5!

    def: ur leadernim 5!

    52 menit yang lalu

    @KYUM hey :D

  • KYUM


    54 menit yang lalu

    hyung ♡

  • def: ur leadernim 5!

    def: ur leadernim 5!

    Jam Yang lalu

    @Tessa Wang hi loves!

  • Tessa Wang

    Tessa Wang

    Jam Yang lalu


  • Tessa Wang
    Tessa WangJam Yang lalu


  • night shine

    night shine

    46 menit yang lalu

    Here 4

  • Yağmur Güner

    Yağmur Güner

    Jam Yang lalu

    Here 3

  • R U 2

    R U 2

    Jam Yang lalu

    Here 2

  • Coxy Zo
    Coxy ZoJam Yang lalu

    Im army but ahgase i can feel your pain and smile through this song.. Ahgase and GOT7 fighting

  • Kerri
    KerriJam Yang lalu

    Guys we're almost at 10 mil :') Let's do it for the boys

  • Treasure12Holic YGstans
    Treasure12Holic YGstansJam Yang lalu

    I know this is out of topic But I hope 7 IKON can reunite like this

  • night shine

    night shine

    34 menit yang lalu

    Wishing the best and happiness for Ikon and ikonic

  • Diana SY
    Diana SYJam Yang lalu

    I miss them.

  • Jechak Mara
    Jechak MaraJam Yang lalu


  • Mina Jisung {PASHNEA} 2.0
    Mina Jisung {PASHNEA} 2.0Jam Yang lalu

    Aghase's I just wanted to share that MARK and ME Live on the same house now but in my dream😭🔪 I want to dream it again i want to sleep as fast as possible now lol

  • Momoring Haechan_.
    Momoring Haechan_.Jam Yang lalu

    i miss them so much ;) i miss watching their perfomance i miss watching their moments now its hard to see their moments ;( AHGASE always with GOT7 FOREVER

  • Ah GaSe
    Ah GaSeJam Yang lalu

    VOTE FOR THE BOYS ON MUBEAT! They're nominated again!!

  • shey rem

    shey rem

    28 menit yang lalu

    Yes let's gooo

  • arase 7ven
    arase 7venJam Yang lalu

    Ahhhh masterpiece

  • วิระวรรณ ฉิมแสง
    วิระวรรณ ฉิมแสงJam Yang lalu

    No matter how many times you listen to your music or how many times you watch the videos you've shot, I feel like crying every time. I will look forward to the day when you guys come back and love and miss GOT7 Agase Thailand.

  • ahgase annekuş
    ahgase annekuşJam Yang lalu

    Canlarım benim ♡♡

  • sude zelal
    sude zelalJam Yang lalu

    Ya bir şey dicem ama kızmayın bam'ın Tayland da oynadığı reklamlar aşırı cringe değil mi rand0m

  • Jenn R
    Jenn RJam Yang lalu

    So sad

  • Amira Ahmed
    Amira AhmedJam Yang lalu

    This song really comfort me Thanks uri Got7

  • sude zelal
    sude zelalJam Yang lalu

    Jackson ve Rain collab yapıyormuş yani o kadar şaşırdım ki anlatamam hiç tahmin etmezdim (!) rand0m

  • Liskha Juwita
    Liskha JuwitaJam Yang lalu

    Let's go for 10 million....

  • Mikhaella Navarro
    Mikhaella NavarroJam Yang lalu

    Me sipping tea while listening to this.

    IGOT7SUNSHINESJam Yang lalu


  • KYUM


    52 menit yang lalu


  • def: ur leadernim 5!

    def: ur leadernim 5!

    Jam Yang lalu


  • Tessa Wang

    Tessa Wang

    Jam Yang lalu


  • Rye Dye
    Rye DyeJam Yang lalu

    We are Family WE ARE ONE

  • Little Meatball
    Little MeatballJam Yang lalu

    Nice to meet you from 02 March 2021 :)

  • A Ł
    A ŁJam Yang lalu

    This is legendary

  • Demmi Diaz
    Demmi DiazJam Yang lalu

    *Let's go to 10m*

    HANAAJam Yang lalu


  • berfinsy04
    berfinsy04Jam Yang lalu

    ~Her şey bizim için daha yeniyken Senin varlığın hediyeydi ~

  • su demir
    su demirJam Yang lalu

    mola zamanı buradayım tabi ki

  • Defini
    DefiniJam Yang lalu

    encore encore

  • berfinsy04
    berfinsy04Jam Yang lalu


  • Angel Tuan
    Angel TuanJam Yang lalu

    Everyday, I come back here because this song really gives me the energy to start my day. Let's give the sevens what they deserve! Keep spinning birds! You're not alone :)

  • Beyza 7
    Beyza 7Jam Yang lalu

    love u

  • ShirlynJoy Tanggaan
    ShirlynJoy TanggaanJam Yang lalu

    3rd time

  • tip_kip Wi
    tip_kip WiJam Yang lalu

    I love GOT7

  • หนูเพียร
    หนูเพียรJam Yang lalu


  • R U 2
    R U 2Jam Yang lalu

    Mat hocası proje ödevi verdiğğ off yaa hiç yapasım yokk

  • R U 2

    R U 2

    Jam Yang lalu

    @Yağmur Güner saol karşim

  • Yağmur Güner

    Yağmur Güner

    Jam Yang lalu

    @R U 2 zor oluyo ya Allah kolaylık versin karşim

  • R U 2

    R U 2

    Jam Yang lalu

    @Yağmur Güner daha açıklamadı hoca ama sanırım öyle olucak :/

  • Yağmur Güner

    Yağmur Güner

    Jam Yang lalu

    Kesin test kitabı bitireceksiniz

  • 나다Nada
    나다NadaJam Yang lalu

    Got7 forever ♥️👑

  • Divya GOT7 skrrt
    Divya GOT7 skrrtJam Yang lalu

    Not saying this cuz i'm Ahgase but ENCORE heals my heart in so many ways♡

  • def: ur leadernim 5!

    def: ur leadernim 5!

    Jam Yang lalu


  • IGot7 Forever Kuhu

    IGot7 Forever Kuhu

    Jam Yang lalu

    Ikr...its really soothing ♡

  • gold silver
    gold silverJam Yang lalu


  • Drinil K Kurian
    Drinil K KurianJam Yang lalu

    I'm proud of these boys, they've come a long way.

  • Darlina Yunos
    Darlina YunosJam Yang lalu

    everytime playing encore no one: me: crying + smiling