Daft Punk - Epilogue


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  • Ivan Fauzan
    Ivan Fauzan3 jam yang lalu

    I hope I live long enough to witness a Daft Punk reunion!

  • kakashi
    kakashi3 jam yang lalu


  • The Freddy 140
    The Freddy 1403 jam yang lalu

    Daft punk You're always going to be in my heart ♥ Daft punk Tu seras toujours dans mon cœur ♥

  • HitmeJr.
    HitmeJr.3 jam yang lalu


  • John W
    John W3 jam yang lalu

    Gracias Totales

  • luchorro
    luchorro3 jam yang lalu


  • Adrian Mendez
    Adrian Mendez3 jam yang lalu

    ill never forget these legends

  • Rusty 007
    Rusty 0073 jam yang lalu

    My dream was to see them performing live 😢

  • D3XTER 2006yt
    D3XTER 2006yt3 jam yang lalu

    eeeeh lo fa

  • the final form of evolution
    the final form of evolution3 jam yang lalu

    change da world. my final messege. go odbye.

  • FireKillerAttila
    FireKillerAttila3 jam yang lalu

    Bye Legends!! =D

  • Muñoz Soriano Victor
    Muñoz Soriano Victor3 jam yang lalu

    Hold on, if love is the answer you hold (,:

  • Joya
    Joya3 jam yang lalu

    I may have only been born in 2008 but i know for sure daft punk has been wone of the biggest parts of my life and will always be apart of my child hood. I officially declare this the saddest video i have/ will ever see.

  • Wei Wei
    Wei Wei3 jam yang lalu

    谢谢你Daft Punk🤖💕

  • Mena Panda
    Mena Panda3 jam yang lalu


  • Mena Panda
    Mena Panda3 jam yang lalu

  • Sayid Balmori
    Sayid Balmori3 jam yang lalu

    Todas las cosas llegan asu fin lamentable mente

  • Wei Wei
    Wei Wei3 jam yang lalu

    一个时代的结束 😔

  • Eduardo Rodrigues
    Eduardo Rodrigues3 jam yang lalu


  • Alejandro Pallares
    Alejandro Pallares3 jam yang lalu

    Increíble, creo que no hay mejor manera de anunciar algo y de dar gracias a todos, al menos así lo sentí yo, "una forma de agradecimiento" con "Touch" al final del video, grande DAFT PUNK!!

  • Antestius Leontius
    Antestius Leontius4 jam yang lalu

    My battery is low... It's getting dark....


    F en el chat por daft punk

  • Pavel Montes
    Pavel Montes4 jam yang lalu


  • Galactic Legend
    Galactic Legend4 jam yang lalu


  • Keylan
    Keylan4 jam yang lalu


  • *Udit Raj*
    *Udit Raj*4 jam yang lalu

    They are not dead but it feels like that. May they come back. Such a Legends.

  • Oz A
    Oz A4 jam yang lalu

    Just occurred to me that this clip is from 2006 and the music is from Random Access Memories

  • Freddy 3041 ツ
    Freddy 3041 ツ4 jam yang lalu

    Thanks for everything Daft Punk... 🤎🤎🤎

  • Zeyneb Azımova
    Zeyneb Azımova4 jam yang lalu

    28 il dözmuşdüz də bir birivizə. Tomasa bax e sən, yolun yarısında diyandi ki partlayıram uje day 🤦🏻‍♀️ Black Eyed Peas birləşdi bunlar ayrıldı.

  • Paul Hein
    Paul Hein4 jam yang lalu

    You guys enriched my soundtrack of life with your beautiful music. Sad to see you go, but will always remember you.

  • lelli marcello
    lelli marcello4 jam yang lalu

    addio androidi !!! 😭 goodbye androids !!! 😭

  • fajar gamer
    fajar gamer4 jam yang lalu

    Kenapa harus bubar 😭

  • Tavius
    Tavius4 jam yang lalu

    Goodbye legends 🖤

  • phil91296
    phil912964 jam yang lalu

    Breaking Bad Vibes

  • IAmTheOh
    IAmTheOh4 jam yang lalu

    i take back everything nice i said

  • IAmTheOh
    IAmTheOh4 jam yang lalu

    Thanks for making it so people cant watch Electroma creeps

  • Alex freire
    Alex freire4 jam yang lalu

    Thank you for all the love ;(

  • UpCast Legion
    UpCast Legion4 jam yang lalu

    Thank you for making my child hood awesome. I remember when I saw their names in movies, I used to get so excited. I was into electro,techno type of music and many more so daft punk was my go to. I remember watching TRON and seeing that daft punk made the music and all. Its sad to see them go away now but they were here with us is what's important. As they say, we'd rather watch someone retire while we still love their music rather than watch them go, washed up or on bad terms. Get lucky was when I first discovered them.🤧🙁😔😌🙂😊😄

  • abuzer sosis
    abuzer sosis4 jam yang lalu

    '' love is the answer you hold '' -by Legends(daft Punk)

  • Jojo 79
    Jojo 794 jam yang lalu

    We will miss you. Thanks for all the great music

  • Victor Rivera
    Victor Rivera4 jam yang lalu

    Te extrañaremos Daft Punk 😔😔😔

  • 3lement2010
    3lement20104 jam yang lalu

    I can't imagine how hard it was to have the conversation between the two of not making music anymore.

  • Mytx
    Mytx4 jam yang lalu


  • Luke Fischer
    Luke Fischer4 jam yang lalu




    4 jam yang lalu

    True but it would have been a better ending if the collaborated with marshmallow imagine that lit a$$ sh!t

  • Yeetus Confuctus
    Yeetus Confuctus4 jam yang lalu

    Burger.... Nuggets.... *I wanna cry*

  • RAI
    RAI4 jam yang lalu

    Again we lost our Legends, Thankyou for all of your creation

  • Dodger
    Dodger4 jam yang lalu

    Gidiyon hemi Daft Punk dayı. Niye az daha kalsaydın

  • Daniel Yatogami
    Daniel Yatogami4 jam yang lalu

    simplemente gracias por crear muy buena música, siempre estarán en nuestros

  • Luis Antonio Flores Vega
    Luis Antonio Flores Vega4 jam yang lalu


  • D3lta Wave
    D3lta Wave4 jam yang lalu

    *I will miss you Daft Punk*

  • Ewen Gina
    Ewen Gina4 jam yang lalu

    The song is touch

    NSG BLAZE4 jam yang lalu

    And that's the end of an old but great

  • Alya Dembowa
    Alya Dembowa4 jam yang lalu

    It's unfair 😭

  • JackPlayGames
    JackPlayGames4 jam yang lalu

    This 2021 leaves us this great duo of musicians, leaves us daft punk. In 2006 I came across his music thanks to his movie Interstella 5555 - The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem and I continue to listen to them to this day. Just as they reinvented themselves on September 9, 1999 at 9:09 am through an explosion. They also end this 22 February 2021 with another explosion. I would have liked them to continue creating incredible themes until they complete the aesthetics of the number 02/22/2222 xD. Thanks for everything.

  • Ewen Gina
    Ewen Gina4 jam yang lalu

    I dont know wether to like or dislike

  • Maxcraft
    Maxcraft4 jam yang lalu

    NoOoOoOoOo did he just deton8?

  • Maxcraft


    4 jam yang lalu

    @Ewen Gina ;(

  • Ewen Gina

    Ewen Gina

    4 jam yang lalu

    Sadly yes

  • A Person
    A Person5 jam yang lalu


  • That Guy
    That Guy5 jam yang lalu

    Sad to see you go, but glad we had you to begin with :) I wish you the best with your futures

  • Ronaldo Guerra
    Ronaldo Guerra5 jam yang lalu

    Godspeed, The world will never spin the same. But we will always remember the name.

  • B U C K O
    B U C K O5 jam yang lalu

    Wait really? This is how it ends? If that is the case, I wish you two the best of times, and merry songs. Me and a bunch of others will miss you. We hope you remember where you started, and where you were, and smile. Godspeed, Daft Punk.

  • tootkoro
    tootkoro5 jam yang lalu

    Thank you Daft Punk for the many bangers over the years. You’ve truly made a mark on music history. Legends. :,)

  • Mr. Gallegos
    Mr. Gallegos5 jam yang lalu

    The video isn't monetized... They're aren't doing this to get advantage on the people, they are just giving an honest goodbye to whoever see this.

  • Crazy Cruz
    Crazy Cruz5 jam yang lalu

    Daft Punk when out with a Bang

  • Jair Molina
    Jair Molina5 jam yang lalu

    gracias por todo, por uds conocí la música electronica !! gracias por todo !!! suerte y nos vemos dentro de 30 años !!

  • Daniel Makovsky
    Daniel Makovsky5 jam yang lalu

    thank you for making my childhood happy, you'll be missed

  • Hector Perez
    Hector Perez5 jam yang lalu

    Feels like this happened years ago... Now it's just "official".

  • Tox Nox
    Tox Nox5 jam yang lalu

    Guyss they didn't show the part where gold guy ends himself, this might only be silver guy leaving and gold guy might still make music

  • Matteo Valerio
    Matteo Valerio5 jam yang lalu

    I’ve never seen such a silent video speak so much at the same time 😔

  • Thorny
    Thorny5 jam yang lalu

    We're going to miss you!

  • Tobias Monzón
    Tobias Monzón5 jam yang lalu

    goodbye to a great part of my life, thanks for everything 😔

  • Flexcanor
    Flexcanor5 jam yang lalu

    There are no accidents - Master Oogway

  • eal t
    eal t5 jam yang lalu

    theres only one thing to say to this. o7 you will be missed, gentlemen. it has been an honor.

  • 1-800 Phobia Phone
    1-800 Phobia Phone5 jam yang lalu


  • Zjüe
    Zjüe5 jam yang lalu

    Wow. Bye to a part of my life, this is is way crazy to me.

  • ale xthor
    ale xthor5 jam yang lalu


  • Ethan Bokusky
    Ethan Bokusky5 jam yang lalu

    "Chief send me out with a bang"

  • The One

    The One

    5 jam yang lalu

    "Were it so easy"

  • 1-800 Phobia Phone
    1-800 Phobia Phone5 jam yang lalu

    Farewell. We will miss you. You were the greatest. Thank you for everything you've given us

  • DiegoGamerZ87
    DiegoGamerZ875 jam yang lalu

    Siempre recordare a Daft Punk por su buena musica ADIOS 😪😔

  • Lucas Sepulveda
    Lucas Sepulveda5 jam yang lalu

    Arround word 😎😎😎😎🤙🤙

  • Atul Shrotriya
    Atul Shrotriya5 jam yang lalu

    Random Access Memories and it's success is hard to surpass. They probably wanted to end it with the highest note so anyone who listens to all their albums in order will be left crying in ecstasy. And I seriously am afraid to think about why he exploded. Maybe they will come together to do live shows or have a reunion album. But given that they are Daft Punk, the chances are low. Thank you dear legends. Your music has been and always will be something to cherish deeply.

  • Alvarez.Aldako :v
    Alvarez.Aldako :v5 jam yang lalu


  • Cooler
    Cooler5 jam yang lalu

    If love is the answer then i'll hold on...

  • Carmen Pedro
    Carmen Pedro5 jam yang lalu

    por favor noooo.

  • Anenas Balan
    Anenas Balan5 jam yang lalu

    Thats how Legends drop there mic.....

  • Néstor A. Canizares Pino
    Néstor A. Canizares Pino5 jam yang lalu

    Si nunca se huebierán quitado las mascaras.... Quién sabe... hasta donde habrían llegado.... Y que temitas mas nos hubierán regalado..... :') De todas maneras... gracias Daft Punk por tanto y perdón por tan poco.... 😪 Esperemos que sea un hasta pronto y no un hasta luego..... Un saludo grande desde Bolivia 🇧🇴 y un abrazo a distancia para los dos o a la cantidad de personas que estan detrás de DP. De corazón... Muchas gracias a todos ☺.

  • Jamie Black
    Jamie Black5 jam yang lalu

    Long live daft punk we will miss u all across the world

  • William mathew
    William mathew5 jam yang lalu

    you fool, killer queen has already touched daft punk!

  • Vertoxico
    Vertoxico5 jam yang lalu

    Thank you. For everything you’ve done for us, for all of the love you put into your craft, for all of the sounds you’ve created and shaped. We love you, and will do so until the end of time.

  • Pedro moran
    Pedro moran5 jam yang lalu

    There never going to be a duo like daftpunk... your music will live on for years to come..

  • Lagomaeva 02
    Lagomaeva 025 jam yang lalu

    Wn me cage de la risa al principio

  • HeroGamer340
    HeroGamer3405 jam yang lalu


  • Vitéz Gergő
    Vitéz Gergő5 jam yang lalu


  • KazuoPar
    KazuoPar5 jam yang lalu

    Thank you (╹◡╹)

  • Grace Cadigan
    Grace Cadigan5 jam yang lalu

    Thank you for everything💕💕

  • Daisy Grifaldo
    Daisy Grifaldo5 jam yang lalu

    I will love you forever daft punk you are and always will be the reason I love music

  • Dark play BR
    Dark play BR5 jam yang lalu


  • Dyaln Stein
    Dyaln Stein5 jam yang lalu

    With their absence, their music will be forever fonder

  • Icon of sin
    Icon of sin5 jam yang lalu

    R.I.P daft punk

  • Cabel Cordd
    Cabel Cordd5 jam yang lalu

    He doesn't have anyone to pull the lever for him

  • Rburnett Burnett
    Rburnett Burnett5 jam yang lalu

    thank you for everything..you were my favorite people and i will still listen to your songs forever...thank you...