[After School Club] ASC Double Trouble Quiz with TOMORROW X TOGETHER (ASC 더블트러블 퀴즈 with 투모로우바이투게더)

[HOT!] ASC 더블트러블 퀴즈 with 투모로우바이투게더

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    ARIRANG K-POPBulan Yang lalu

    "One! Dream!" Special Playlist - TXT 💙투모로우바이투게더 영상 모음💙 idmilk.info/id/PL0gnwfCNhsy5L8G3GwFA7PdMvdY1CKUKD

  • one dream𖧵 cloddiehoppers

    one dream𖧵 cloddiehoppers

    16 hari yang lalu

    @Catherine Fabro When was the last time BTS was on ASC? Years ago?

  • Impimp


    Bulan Yang lalu

    @Catherine Fabro maybe its because this is a txt video not bts

  • kim aera

    kim aera

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Thank u soon much I love u txt

  • Catherine Fabro

    Catherine Fabro

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Why no BTS pic?

  • ᴄ ᴀ s s ᴀ ɴ ᴅ ʀ ᴀ

    ᴄ ᴀ s s ᴀ ɴ ᴅ ʀ ᴀ

    Bulan Yang lalu


  • Rain D
    Rain D11 jam yang lalu

    I find another group who has the same chaotic energy like dreamies. Why they're so funny😂

  • dui de
    dui deHari Yang lalu

    I feel happy because I know my 5 boys are so kind, handsome, talented,...

  • Christy
    ChristyHari Yang lalu

    the fact that everyone immediately knew the exact songs at 0:27 and beom was just like….wait is that ME??

  • Moas Happy Board
    Moas Happy Board2 hari yang lalu

    Tomorrow by Together will have their next comback on 17th Aug with " The chaos chapter- Fight or Escape " Album !!! (Pre Orders have already started ♡♡ ) PRE SAVE/ ADD " The Choas Chapter- FOE " on Apple Music , Sportify .. 🔗t.co/hUjbEyBpys

  • 권혜리
    권혜리3 hari yang lalu


  • Jm Surbano
    Jm Surbano3 hari yang lalu

    Devil u?😭😭

  • Rix Ian Rain Crisostomo Batuigas
    Rix Ian Rain Crisostomo Batuigas4 hari yang lalu

    I swear, Beomgyu's presence here is no JOKE🤣✋🏻

  • choi yeonjunwon
    choi yeonjunwon4 hari yang lalu

    1:37-1:40 👁👄👁 Ben's thighs

  • stanjihyology
    stanjihyology4 hari yang lalu


  • Krishnapriya S
    Krishnapriya S7 hari yang lalu

    Ahhhh loveddd their energyyyy

  • Krishnapriya S
    Krishnapriya S7 hari yang lalu

    Now I know why he is the devil 😂😂😂😂

  • jay singh
    jay singh8 hari yang lalu

    chaotic boys fighting

  • zy
    zy8 hari yang lalu


  • Luffy Monkey.D
    Luffy Monkey.D9 hari yang lalu

    Am i watching this like 5 times in a day and keep laughing? YES

  • choi yeonjunwon

    choi yeonjunwon

    4 hari yang lalu

    Me too I need to watch it everyday

  • Niyati Dhar
    Niyati Dhar9 hari yang lalu

    Nobody- Yeonjun- Oh! Yeongbokie Also Felix and Yeonjun's friendship is so cute(。・//ε//・。)

  • Moas Happy Board
    Moas Happy Board10 hari yang lalu

    TXT will have their next comback on 17th Aug with " The chaos chapter- Fight or Escape " Album !!! (Pre Orders have already started ♡ ) PRE SAVE/ ADD " The Choas Chapter- FOE " on Apple Music , Sportify .. 🔗t.co/hUjbEyBpys

  • shut up and stan exo get it?
    shut up and stan exo get it?11 hari yang lalu

    Being an exol/moa is really so hard 😭 I want them to interact to each other please

  • Luffy Monkey.D

    Luffy Monkey.D

    9 hari yang lalu

    And exo with yeonjun and yeonjun cover mmmh

  • Luffy Monkey.D

    Luffy Monkey.D

    9 hari yang lalu

    We have an kai and soobin its already good 😭

  • Mariana Peças
    Mariana Peças11 hari yang lalu

    im living for yeonjun's energy

  • Habsyah Fitri
    Habsyah Fitri11 hari yang lalu

    ok,public relations,marketing and all communication studies major students,that is how you do self PR and sell your marketing style: say respectful words to your senior at the same industry

    ATHENA_ JEY11 hari yang lalu


  • milony dausier
    milony dausier11 hari yang lalu

    5 pretty chaotic boys

  • happy lady
    happy lady12 hari yang lalu

    best boys txt fighting

  • ann yongie
    ann yongie12 hari yang lalu

    dear bang PDnim..can u give our dear soobinie a chance to have a rap part on their future albums..his "weang!" is killing me..xD

  • 왕발
    왕발12 hari yang lalu

    아 재밌닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • ydamiee
    ydamiee13 hari yang lalu

    06:11 i love beomgyu energy when he said, "i won't guess, so can i look at the answer?"

  • ydamiee
    ydamiee13 hari yang lalu

    This is "YEONJUN!!!" era

  • S. Dhia
    S. Dhia13 hari yang lalu

    Very Good is from Btob right?

  • ButterPTDDynamite


    12 hari yang lalu

    Block b

  • sᄋᄉᄋ
    sᄋᄉᄋ13 hari yang lalu

    연준 성격 왜저래

  • Ночной Зверь
    Ночной Зверь14 hari yang lalu

    Последним надо было поставить Моргенштерна, тогда вообще был бы огонь 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • yvon
    yvon14 hari yang lalu

    yeonjun saying yongbokie is my therapy

  • Thia Villalba
    Thia Villalba15 hari yang lalu

    Yeonjun gritando Yeonjun por 7 minutos

  • Ysabella Jayme
    Ysabella Jayme15 hari yang lalu

    Yeonjun shouting is my alarm now😂😂😂

  • Nazi A
    Nazi A16 hari yang lalu

    Yeonjun giving Taehyun that snack he wanted at the end. I'm soft

  • 명작 희승
    명작 희승16 hari yang lalu

    Taehyun is a small bean next to soobin uwu 😭😭💙

  • 명작 희승
    명작 희승16 hari yang lalu

    soobin is so polite meanwhile yeonjun is about to smash all the snacks 😆😆💙💙 and there's our mischievous beomgyu provoking everyone from the left side Lmao

  • Beomgyu
    Beomgyu16 hari yang lalu

    Beomgyu doesn't even care anymore 😂😂

  • Lynette Felsinger
    Lynette Felsinger16 hari yang lalu

    Taehyun: **Hanging onto Soobin** Me: **SMILES OVER HIS CUTENESS** Taehyun: **Hanging onto him even more** Me: **CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!**

    VJINMINKOOK 👼💜16 hari yang lalu

    Yoenjun, Taehyun & Soobin CRACKHEAD....🤣 Meanwhile, Boemgyu & Huening Kai MORE INNOCENT and peacefully laughing...😇

  • Mega Mind

    Mega Mind

    13 hari yang lalu

    I think the word is calm not innocent

    VJINMINKOOK 👼💜16 hari yang lalu

    RM(bts leader): STRICT..... 🤥 SOOBIN (txt leader): CRACKHEAD... 😂



    7 jam yang lalu

    @sk doremi Just a joke for bighit brother's ... 😂😂😅😅... I know he is the coolest leader ever.... 💯💯🎉💜😇

  • sk doremi

    sk doremi

    8 jam yang lalu

    RM strict???? Where?when? RM was actually never into the members, if u said Suga or j-hope yes I would agree but not RM! I dont remember him ever being strict to the maknae nor was he strict to his huengs!he was more crazy than many army think😅

  • siapaajabole
    siapaajabole16 hari yang lalu

    Ketika temenlo ENFP begitulah ramenya

  • Upasana Singh
    Upasana Singh17 hari yang lalu

    Full video is full of YEONJUN calling out his name and other members picking younjuns snacks...

    MARSHMELLOW PIL17 hari yang lalu


  • Wuqian Wu
    Wuqian Wu17 hari yang lalu

    So cuteeeeee

  • Alya Rohali
    Alya Rohali17 hari yang lalu


  • Alya Rohali
    Alya Rohali17 hari yang lalu

    They're so funny alwayss

  • Just Vibe
    Just Vibe17 hari yang lalu

    5:43 lmao he's so competitive

  • Ysabella Jayme
    Ysabella Jayme17 hari yang lalu

    Hahaha i cant with Beomgyu hahaha his so funny!!! This group is so much chaotic than their BTS hyung hahaha

  • Rita N
    Rita N17 hari yang lalu

    were they served a whole plate of crack before the show istg THE CHAOS ;-;

  • PAKISTANI GIRL #respectjennie #stanwei
    PAKISTANI GIRL #respectjennie #stanwei18 hari yang lalu

    Not a fan but Yeonjun 😂 A real crackhead

  • parul v
    parul v18 hari yang lalu

    CHOI YEONJUN 4TH GENERATION IT BOY you are so competitive Hahaha I was only watching him...so loud yeonjun AND taehyun is so tiny

  • Yeoniverse
    Yeoniverse19 hari yang lalu

    Soobin became so loud when he did the rap, haha but waiting for Soobin rapper sooonn

  • Yeoniverse
    Yeoniverse19 hari yang lalu

    Yeonjun is soo loud

  • Alina Haikali
    Alina Haikali20 hari yang lalu

    I love the sign they do during intro😊😉

  • MT TV
    MT TV20 hari yang lalu

    What is wrong with yj😂

  • Yadav T
    Yadav T20 hari yang lalu

    Aww soobin 😄🌹

  • Hypa-Gemie
    Hypa-Gemie20 hari yang lalu

    Why are txt the best ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎

  • Meilyng Fung
    Meilyng Fung21 hari yang lalu

    competitividad nivel: yeonjun diciendo su nombre cuando ni siquiera han mostrado las pistas kajskajskajsjs te amo yeonjun

  • tasya nabila
    tasya nabila21 hari yang lalu

    Rusuh banget yah🤣

  • mr tobin's girlfriend
    mr tobin's girlfriend21 hari yang lalu

    I don't know why I watch it like every day

  • mr tobin's girlfriend
    mr tobin's girlfriend21 hari yang lalu

    Even TXT play another level of video🤣🤣

  • Mingi’s sparkling eyes
    Mingi’s sparkling eyes21 hari yang lalu

    No one : Beomgyu ( in every chance he gets) : *Paboya* ?

  • v̶i̶x̶o̶n̶p̶a̶i̶
    v̶i̶x̶o̶n̶p̶a̶i̶21 hari yang lalu

    Yeonjun gives me the vibe of jacksonwang😂

  • A Celtic Witch in Oz
    A Celtic Witch in Oz22 hari yang lalu

    Can we put Yeonjun and Jungkook in competition please? I want chaos!

  • Zerukan Sai
    Zerukan Sai23 hari yang lalu

    I fell in love with txt after this video, YEONJU! xDDDD

  • Leah Jeon
    Leah Jeon23 hari yang lalu

    I love how they already accepted themselves the way they are. like I remember how shy they were when they just debuted

  • Leah Jeon
    Leah Jeon23 hari yang lalu

    i love the way they r so chaotic

  • MIN SUGA ttaemune!
    MIN SUGA ttaemune!23 hari yang lalu

    I'm so happy to know that after SHINee they're also Block B enthusiasts 😊 They both happened to be my favs before being ARMY~💖

  • MIN SUGA ttaemune!
    MIN SUGA ttaemune!23 hari yang lalu

    3:27 💀 who dared 😂😂

  • M S
    M S24 hari yang lalu

    YEONJUN!!!! Yes me too will always scream my name like that if I were him

  • Supriya Ashu
    Supriya Ashu24 hari yang lalu

    I really want want to know bighit feed their idols some things special for being a chaotic or they only select chaotic members. Ahhh they are real brothers of bts😂

  • Juuuhhh •_•
    Juuuhhh •_•24 hari yang lalu

    they are all sooo cuteee

  • I’m Blue&Grey but, Life Goes On
    I’m Blue&Grey but, Life Goes On25 hari yang lalu

    Yeonjun being aggressive is so attractive 😍

  • Psppta
    Psppta25 hari yang lalu

    Yeonjun isa mood, the way that he's sulking over hueningkai get the right answer tho😭 i can't with him, he's so precious❤️

  • parul v
    parul v25 hari yang lalu

    Best group in the world TxT fighting best boys

  • Jungkook's Noona
    Jungkook's Noona25 hari yang lalu

    this was chaotic afff wowowow ahahah yeonjun acts like the maknae lolol

  • stan TXT for better life👑
    stan TXT for better life👑26 hari yang lalu

    TXT just have 5 member but the noise they make is like they have 50 members😂lol

  • Oppo A83
    Oppo A8326 hari yang lalu

    Halo hunigkai tehyun apa kabar semoga baik baik saja ya dan yang lain nya semoga baik baik saja ya TXT ON DREM TOMOROW BAY TUGEDER

  • oh nana
    oh nana27 hari yang lalu

    always fun to watch txt 😍😍

  • Young
    Young27 hari yang lalu

    They are soo hillarious I can't even point out the funnier moment since the whole vid is full of crackheads 🤣

  • Priya Gurung
    Priya Gurung27 hari yang lalu

    4:16 rapper soobin is vibe 😎😎😎😎🥰🥰🥰

  • Wan Nur Azna
    Wan Nur Azna28 hari yang lalu

    바비 카말

  • Hega Malik
    Hega Malik28 hari yang lalu

    Did they crack or something? Lol

  • V's future wife dat never exist
    V's future wife dat never exist28 hari yang lalu

    Yeonjuniii being so hype 😁

  • Icigo hasimia
    Icigo hasimia29 hari yang lalu

    Aih rewatch 2 kli masi aj ngakak haha

  • ninani
    ninaniBulan Yang lalu

    beomgyu and his random chime ins that are either him singing the song or complimenting the artist LMAO

  • ninani
    ninaniBulan Yang lalu

    the way they were jamming to block b songs lmfao 😭😭

  • Adrianna Mae De Chavez
    Adrianna Mae De ChavezBulan Yang lalu


  • minisung
    minisungBulan Yang lalu

    yeonjun got all aggressive for a few bags of chips omg

  • Beomgyu
    BeomgyuBulan Yang lalu

    Beomgyu me causa mucha risa

  • beyondserendipity
    beyondserendipityBulan Yang lalu

    is it just me or they seems really comfortable when they come to asc

  • Ӏɑմɾҽղ ςӀɑɾƘ
    Ӏɑմɾҽղ ςӀɑɾƘBulan Yang lalu

    This is literally 7:36 mins of TxT being K-POP stans. I love it!

  • Daniel Tsan
    Daniel TsanBulan Yang lalu

    There were so many golden moments in this I don’t even know what to say in this comment lmao. From Yeonjun tryharding to Beomgyu saying he loved Hotel Del Luna lmao

  • eilidh
    eilidhBulan Yang lalu


  • Steph Gtc
    Steph GtcBulan Yang lalu

    Jajajjaa los amo

  • yeonjun ♡
    yeonjun ♡Bulan Yang lalu

    I can't get over this it's so funny🤣🤣

  • Bts_love7
    Bts_love7Bulan Yang lalu

    I am the only one who noticed when Felix's pic was shown Yeonjun said 'Uri Yongbokie' My fellow moastays where are y'all at

  • Pat Black
    Pat BlackBulan Yang lalu

    Why is Taehyun clinging onto Soobin as if he'd run away if he'd let go?? xD

  • Erika D
    Erika DBulan Yang lalu

    I've never seen Soobin _this_ hyped! All of em are jacked up on chocolate milk or something lol

  • J E C H
    J E C HBulan Yang lalu

    Confused Txt in the thumbnail is so cute tho